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Welcome to Who-Ville at Turtle Creek Lane!

November 23, 2018 Holidays, Home Decor

Welcome to Who-Ville!!!

When I found out that the new Grinch movie was coming out this holiday season mind immediately started racing with ideas of how I wanted to decorate! I knew I wanted to turn Turtle Creek Lane into “Who-ville” for the holidays!

I’m OBSESSED with how it turned out!

Christmas is such a magical time of the year and I love when my decor adds to the magic of the season! Because I thought it might be a little tricky to find Who-Ville pieces I immediately headed to eBay. For those unique, hard-to-find pieces, eBay is definitely my go-to site! They have over a billion products (yes you read that right!) available for purchase! And when I found this Grinch Set ……..

My heart grew three sizes!

I love that this set includes the Grinch, Cindy Lou, and Max!!

The Scene is SET!

It’s as if we have just entered Cindy Lou Who’s home to find the Grinch stuffing his bag with the family’s presents, decorations, and even their lights!  Cindy Lou is looking on, so confused as to why the Grinch is stealing everything!

Max, the Grinch’s trusty dog, is guarding the sled and the Santa Sack!

OK, let’s talk about the tree for just a second!

I’m o-b-s-e-s-se-d!

A true Who-Ville Tree just has to bend at the top, right? It’s the bend that makes it so, well…… Who-Ville-ish (I have linked a similar one below)! Because I really wanted the tree to be the focus, the only ornaments I added were 6″ balls, in various Who-Ville colors.

In order to “Who-Ville” the lamp, I simply added ribbon and some miniature balls (coordinate with the larger ones on the tree) around the lamp band! SO CUTE!

The Front Porch

The front porch is always one of my favorite places to decorate because it sets the stage for the rest of the house!

I just love this Who-Ville Tree and Who-Ville sign welcoming all my guests!

If you decide to Who-Ville your home this holiday season, or maybe just your porch, practically everything you’ll need to create your own Who-Ville look can be found on eBay! I’ve linked all of my Grinchy favorites below 🙂

Hugs… Jennifer

This post is sponsored by eBay. All product selects and thoughts are my own 🙂


  1. Emily says:

    So cute and creative! I love the banister and the cascade of balls!