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The Perfect Red, White and Black Christmas Tree!

November 26, 2018 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

Red, White and Black… A Perfectly Timeless Tree!

I have always LOVED red, white and black as a color scheme! There is just something clean and classic about it; so every year I do a Christmas Tree in this color scheme upstairs in our game room!!

My eyes are dancing!!

Whenever I begin formulating my tree ideas, I focus on two elements: the ribbon and the topper! I know I can fill everything else in if I get those two elements correct!!

I’m not saying for sure, but when I saw this Black Top Hat at Walmart, I may have done a little dance in the aisle :)! I knew the direction I wanted to go! I love the deep black color, the way it shimmers, and it already had an adorable red and white bow! YES!!!

Walmart has THE BEST trees at such great prices! I grabbed this 7.5ft white pre-lit tree (on sale for only $140!) and went to work! 

I always like the top of the tree to look like “a celebration”… giggle! By adding these red-sequined tinsel sprays around the top hat, I think it is Mission Accomplished!

OK, I have a confession, I am crazy for buffalo plaid!

Some people love chocolate, I love buffalo plaid! I don’t know what it is about it, maybe something from my childhood that is long forgotten; but whatever it is, it just makes me smile!! So obviously, this black and white buffalo plaid ribbon literally jumped out at me!

On to the Super Fun Part… Ornaments!

I distinctly remember walking through a Walmart about 3 years ago.  I wasn’t familiar with the store and I was lost, but at least I was lost in the Holiday section! As I looked up and down the aisles, I’m sure my jaw must’ve dropped! I was shocked! I had no idea Walmart had such adorable holiday decor! I think I bought close to 75 ornaments that evening and have returned back for more treasures every year since! They have a large assortment of Christmas decorations that are great quality and don’t break the bank, which comes in handy with the volume of ornaments I put onto a tree and the number of trees I do! I also love that they offer free 2-day shipping on most orders of $35+!I found a bunch of ornaments that are perfect for our tree!

mistake easily made is getting too many ornaments in the same size or shape. Be sure you are getting large ones, small ones, and ones in different shapes! I also try to get different textures, if possible!!

I will link all my 2018 favorites below!

Finally The Tree Skirt!

I adore this black velvet tree skirt!  It is simple, rich-looking and has just a small element of Santa with the red belt! I also love this one too!

I love ALL the trees I do every year and I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite; but, I will say, red, white and black is a color scheme I return to every year!! I love it!

I hope you love it too!

Create a black, red and white tree of your own below!

Hugs… Jennifer

This post is sponsored by Walmart, all product selects are my own