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The Perfect Unicorn Birthday Slumber Party

March 5, 2019 Events, Home Decor, Party

How to Throw the Perfect Unicorn Birthday Slumber Party with Tents from Briarwood Design! (Wow that is a mouthful!) 🙂

McKenna Kate turned the BIG 10 and I let her pick whatever theme she wanted for her BIRTHDAY PARTY!

She chose UNICORNS!

We did ALL THINGS UNICORN, including unicorn onesie pajamas, a unicorn cake, unicorn crafts, and these amazing kids’ tents from Briarwood Design Co with chalkboard signs displaying the girls’ names on them!

Turtle Creek Lane blog and interior decorator show how to do a unicorn birthday party with sleepover tents from Briarwood Design Co!

Turtle Creek Lane Home Decor Blog put together a unicorn birthday slumber party with tents with chalkboard signs, unicorn footed pajamas, and art tables

I loved that McKenna Kate was able to pick her own fabric! Briarwood Design Co sent us several options for unicorn fabric and I let her decide which one she liked best! After choosing her favorite they asked if they could make her tent a little “special” by adding pom poms (SOOO cute!) Ps. you can get 15% off anything from Briarwood’s shop by using TURTLECREEK15 code!

Turtle Creek Lane home decor blog put together a unicorn birthday party with sleepover tents for the girls!

Turtle Creek Lane interior decorator shows how to do a unicorn birthday party with sleepover tents from Briarwood Design Co

As can sometimes happen with crazy schedules these days, we had to change a couple of the girl’s names on the chalkboards! I’m so glad they came blank and we were able to revise them as needed!

Turtle Creek Lane shows how to decorate for a unicorn birthday party with kids' teepees from Briarwood Design Co that have chalkboard signs with the girls names!

The tents were super easy to put up; in fact McKenna Kate was so excited when they arrived that she put up two of them with her friends!

She and I had gone to Costco earlier and purchased 5 of these cute TRAYS (we gave them as part of the party favor) and had also gone on Amazon and purchased unicorn items to go on the trays! It was on Amazon we also found the adorable UNICORN PJ’S and PINK BLANKETS!

You can shop the items below the photo!

Turtle Creek Lane interior decorator shows how to do a unicorn birthday party with unicorn onesie pajamas, art tables with crafts and individual teepee for the girls!

I always like for my kids to have the MAIN say in what they do for their birthday parties, and true to MK’s personality, she had a spreadsheet all written up of EXACTLY what she wanted, including a minute-by-minute schedule!



We went to the Dollar Store and she picked out all kinds of unicorn-related prizes!

Next we played PASS THE PARCEL!

This is such a fun game! We had wrapped 15 prizes in LAYERS, one around the next. We turned on music and the girls passed the parcel around until the music stopped! Whoever was holding the parcel got to unwrap a layer and get her prize! They LOVED this game! (Find similar unicorn ears HERE!)

By this point, the girls were HUNGRY! McKenna Kate had chosen a local Hamburger Restaurant called Hopdoddy’s to go to for dinner! They all decided they wanted to put on their PJ’s and wear them to the restaurant!

When we got home we broke a Unicorn Pinata, sang Happy Birthday, and ate cake and ice cream!!

As her final activity, MK requested they get in their tents and watch a movie, with UNICORN POPCORN… of course!

I would say, all in all, this was a perfect Unicorn Party!! One of the girls whispered to MK as they were falling asleep, “this was my favorite party I have ever been to!”

I hope it has perked your imagination! If you are looking to do a TENT PARTY any time in the future, I would HIGHLY recommend Briarwood Design Co! They were wonderful to work with!!

Hugs… Jennifer

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  1. Maritza says:

    What a wonderful theme for a Birthday party! I really loved the idea of the tents….how very special!!!