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A Fun New Years Eve for the Kids!

December 21, 2018 Events, Food, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

New Years Eve parties don’t just have to be for the adults!

My youngest children asked if they could have friends over for a New Years Eve celebration, and you know; I never say no to a party! Giggle 🙂

As I was looking up party ideas for inspiration I realized that there are NOT a lot of fun options out there for New Year’s parties for the kids!

Let’s change that!


I wanted to put together a fun and colorful party for the kids rather than the typical gold and silver themes you see all the time for adults! First stop?! eBay! I usually think of Amazon as having really fast shipping, but I learned from my last order with eBay that they allow you to filter by the vendors who provide “fast and free shipping” in as quickly as two days! And 69% of the items ship for free too! Hooray!

I always like to start with a focal point (or maybe even a better word is an anchor) and decorate around that piece. This time, this beautiful table runner caught my eye and I knew…this is it! I love how colorful it is; perfect for a children’s party!

I also love these New Year’s Hats! They come in a set of bright fun colors! The kids will love wearing them!

Since I knew the table was going to turn out full of color, I wanted to keep the place settings bright but neutral. This is important because it gives your eye an easy place to land when you look at the table! These white, beaded plastic chargers are perfect because I don’t have to worry about them breaking! How great is that?!

Add little party crackers on top and…… wallah! How adorable!

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know I LOVE to decorate with candy! And clear apothecary jars are the easiest way to add a fun touch with minimal effort! They are a staple in my decorating! I found a great set of three on eBay for only $30! Switch out the candy depending on the holiday, and you instantly have new decorations! It’s like the decoration that keeps on giving!

I wanted to pull in the color but also use candy I knew the kids would love. I think it is universally accepted….ALL kids love Dum Dum’s, Sixlets and gumballs! I generally buy my candy in bulk and re-use it (if we don’t eat it all in the first celebration)! A horrifying fact is hard candy really does have a VERY long shelf-life!

Now, for my favorite part of this entire table…… the slinkies! HOW FUN are these? I hung them from my chandelier and it turns the decorations from fun and colorful to….a party! Kids LOVE slinkies and they are welcome to take them down and play!

To finish everything off, I sprinkled confetti all over the table! I really like this confetti because it is BIG! It gives us the credit we want!

I had such a great time playing with colors for this party and my kids LOVE how it turned out! I’ve linked most of the pieces I used below so be sure to check it all out!

Hugs… Jennifer

Thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post! All product was chosen and purchased by myself to feature in this post.