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May 1, 2019 Home Decor

Ok….. I’m always honest with you, and in that light, I have to tell you I was skeptical when Bedsure said they wanted to send me a pillow and weighted blanket to try out for a couple of weeks and then evaluate.

Improve your sleep with Bedsure contour pillow and weighted blanket by Turtle Creek Lane. Read the product review at

Let’s start with the pillow:
I have always been a goose-down-pillow girl and wasn’t very optimistic I would like this Bio-Zero Pillow; and frankly, the only reason I agreed to try it was because I remembered a passing conversation I had with a plastic surgeon when I was visiting my daughter, Tiffany, a couple years ago in LA. We had decided to go spend the day in Beverly Hills…

Turtle Creek Lane talks about how the contour pillow by Bedsure helps to improve your sleep! Read the review at

We ran into a gentleman and got chatting about this-and-that. I asked him what he did for a living and he said he was a facial plastic surgeon. We then had the MOST INTERESTING conversation! He told me how most “models” train themselves to sleep on their backs because it dramatically helps in reducing wrinkles often created in our faces while sleeping on our stomachs or sides. Well, I’m a stomach sleeper, and sure enough, when I was talking to my dermatologist one time she said, “Oh, you must sleep on the right side of your face because you have deeper wrinkles (and a little more sag) there!! UGH!!!! I remembered the conversation with the plastic surgeon but for YEARS I have been unable to train myself to sleep on my back!! I just am not good at it!!

Turtle Creek Lane reviews the Bedsure weighted blanket and contour pillow! Read the full review at

I think my problem has been my pillow! With a goose-down pillow, I feel like I “sink” to the mattress when I try to sleep on my back. When I tried the Bio-Zero Contour Pillow I felt like it cradled my head and supported my neck!! For the first time I could remember, I fell asleep on my back and didn’t wake up an hour later only to switch back to my stomach! The Bio-Zero Contour Pillow can be used in two ways. You can have low-contour or high-contour. I prefer using the pillow side with the high-contour. It’s like it conforms to MY body shape!

When I went to California again a few weeks ago to help my same daughter, Tiffany, decorate her newly-wed apartment, my husband, Steve, stole the pillow from my side of the bed and decided to try it too! Let’s just say, we now fight over who gets to use it!!
And… it has really helped with his occasional “allergy” SNORING!! Yay!!

With the 20% OFF code BIOZJENH, it’s a MUST-TRY!

Turtle Creek Lane talk about how to Improve your sleep with Bedsure contour pillow and weighted blanket.

If I was skeptical about the pillow, I was even more skeptical about the weighted blanket!! You probably don’t know this about me, but I am slightly claustrophobic…. OK, maybe a little more than slightly! I DO NOT like feeling confined in or under anything!! So, before trying it, I read multiple articles on “Why Weighted Blankets” and “Do Weighted Blankets Really Work?” I know you can’t believe everything you read, but the stuff I read on “deep touch pressure stimulation” had me very intrigued, so I decided to face my fears and try it… giggle!

Turtle Creek Lane raves about the weighted blanket by Bedsure. See full review at

In all honesty, I really liked the weighted blanket! I wouldn’t use the word “love,” but; when the family started passing it around to try, I became even more “sold!” Did you know weighted blankets simulate how a parent swaddles a baby to sleep? It helps ground your body while giving you the feeling of being hugged or cuddled. Bedsure’s Weighted Blanket is filled with High-Density Non-Toxic and Orderless Glass Beads.  It has a unique 7-layer construction that ensures sleepers experience maximum softness without feeling the beads. It is also covered in 100% cotton, which allows breathability to keep you from getting too hot.

So, here’s my conclusion on the blanket:
If you have been thinking about getting a weighted blanket, I definitely recommend this one!! It is not too heavy (15 pounds) and if the research is correct, you are going to be getting a better night’s sleep!! Bedsure also offers wonderful customer service and they stand by their products. If you aren’t satisfied with your pillow or blanket, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee!!
I want to say thank you to Bedsure for allowing me to test out their Bio- Zero Contour Pillow and Weighted Blanket!

If you decide to give them a try,
Don’t forget to use code:
BIOZJENH to save 20% on their Bio-Zero pillows and
WEITJENH to save 20% on their weighted blanket

I’ve also linked a few other Bedsure “goodies” I found for you to check out!!

Sweet Dreams… Jennifer

  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    Jennifer, do you put a regular pillowcase on this pillow? I would assume you use regular pillows when making your bed and just use this pillow at night? I really enjoy receiving your newsletter, thank you so much for all of the great photos and information. I have an eBay store and sell an abundance of Pier 1 items, so I’m always quick to notice that you are a “mega” Pier 1 fan too (smile). Sending best wishes from a lovely day in the Seattle area. Cheryl Smith

    • Yes, you can use a regular pillow case over it (in fact Bedsure has some great silk pillowcases that are great for your hair, giggle)! And yes, I use regular pillows when I have the bed made, and Steve and I fight over this one at night! 😉