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Tiffany and Adam’s Apartment Reveal!

April 19, 2019 Home Decor

If you watched my Instagram stories you’ll know that I flew to California and we FLASH decorated Tiffany and Adam’s new home together! I still can’t believe in just over 2 days we shopped for everything, hauled it to their apartment, and set the whole thing up!!! And…. it came together so beautifully!

Apartment spring decor by Turtle Creek Lane! Pink and blue home decor designed by lifestyle blogger, Turtle Creek Lane. Head to for home inspiration!

Yes, it’s a little girly; but trust me, I kept asking Adam if he was ok with it and I can assure you, he is 100% on board with Tiffany’s style! If she is happy, then he is happy, and they both LOVE their new home they get to share together!

In our family mealtime is one of the most important parts of the day! We ALWAYS share meals together at the table, and it’s a time where we get to talk about our day and where family traditions are born! We do something called “sweets and sours” and we share 2 sweets and 1 sour (if there was one) about our day!! Hopefully, with their new dining space, Tiffany and Adam will carry this tradition into their new family!! As a side note… Adam picked the canvas on the wall because he says it looks so much like where they had their second date!! 🙂

Spring bedroom designed and decorated by Turtle Creek Lane lifestyle and home blogger! See the full home at!

Ok, can we just talk headboard for a minute?!! I think this is one of the most brilliant, beyond brilliant, ideas ever! Look closely… their headboard is actually the SEATING CHART from their wedding!! Tiffany had the idea to save it, and I was trying to find ways to decorate their apartment on a newly-wed budget! Our two brains meshed and TAH DAH, it is SO FABULOUS!! The trend right now is really high headboards so this is just perfect (and affordable!) The gorgeous white comforter, pillows, and rug all came from Annie Selke, which is one of my favorite lines!! The nightstands are from Pottery Barn and are probably Tiff’s favorite purchase in the whole house!!

Spring bedroom designed and decorated by Turtle Creek Lane lifestyle and home blogger! See the full pink and blue whimsical home at!

Speaking of the bedroom, we can’t forget about Dallas (Tiffany’s dog)! Up to this point in his life, he has ALWAYS slept with Tiffany!! I’m not sure that is going to be a “thing” anymore. Rather than create a feud between Dallas and Adam, I just decided to get Dallas the most fabulous DOG BED ever made!! I’m obsessed!! Drew Barrymore has a new line at Walmart and this is one of her new pieces available!! Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen???? You can find it HERE! Hopefully, all three will be happy at bedtime! Giggle 🙂 There are also coordinating pillows for the sofa! We ordered them but they had not arrived when I snapped this photo! We have a little more to do in this room, but I just love how it is coming together!

Tiffany absolutely LOVES to spend time on her patio. Every apartment she has lived in she has spent most of her at-home time on the patio! She told me when we started this process that this space was most important to her! I think we NAILED IT!

We first found this blue outdoor furniture set and then had so much fun styling it!!

Tiff still needs to plant her flowers (she loves gardening) but it made me so happy when she said, “Mom, this patio makes me so happy and I can guarantee we will USE it ALL THE TIME!!!

Flowers and blue flower pot table, cute patio decor!

This blue tiered table is so fun!! It is also part of the Drew Barrymore Flower collection and perfect for displaying Tiffany’s pink hydrangeas and Adam’s strawberry plants!

Starting out married life together can so incredibly fun, but also a little challenging, as two lives need to learn how to mesh into one! I can’t even express how happy it makes me to see Tiffany and Adam so in love. I watched them “work” out differences while I was there (one example is when Tiff wanted a really wild dog canvas painting that Adam HATED) and it was heartwarming to see them calmly discuss their differences and come to a meeting of the minds. I’m so proud of both of them for saving themselves for each other and for living their lives worthy of each other! I hope my small act of helping them decorate their apartment will help them feel at HOME!!

Hugs… Jennifer

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  1. Dawn Richardson says:

    Simply beautiful! Such a special treat to have you help Tiffany and Adam set up their first home together. It looks so cozy and I LOVE their patio area. Great job Mama!!