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Introducing the New Drew Barrymore Home Decor Line!

May 10, 2019 Home Decor

Ok, have you checked out Walmart lately? Because if you haven’t, it is NOT the same! They are expanding in HUGE and wonderful ways!!

I’m so excited to introduce to you the new home decor line by DREW BARRYMORE called Flower Home, and it is sold exclusively at Walmart! Creating a comfortable, stylish (IG worthy!) space can be really expensive… but it doesnโ€™t have to be! has more than just the basic (boring) stuff โ€“ I spent hours (literally) browsing through their new beautifully designed home furnishing and was amazed at all their new products!! They are stylish, budget-sensitive, and the best part of all is, no one will believe you got it at Walmart! I call that stylishly smart!!

And, there is free shipping on orders over $35! (I hate paying for shipping!)

After perusing the Flower Home line, I would describe it in three words, FUN, FRESH, and FUNCTIONAL! I purchased three items from her line to check it out (I picked unrelated items on purpose), and I am so happy to report that I loved ALL THREE items!!

Item #1: The Dog Bed

Turtle Creek Lane showing Drew Barrymore Flower Dog Bed from Walmart!

I’m absolutely obsessed with this adorable Dog Bed I got for Dallas! The wood frame is really well made and sturdy, the cushion is firm so it won’t droop with time, and it is so adorable to look it!!

And let’s just say… I think Dallas is obsessed with it too!!

He definitely knows it is HIS spot and doesn’t like it if you encroach!!

Let’s face it, our dogs want to be where we are but we really don’t like them on the furniture! This Dog Bed is the perfect solution! And, you won’t feel like it needs to be hidden in a corner… it begs to be displayed as a piece of furniture!!! It is THAT cute! The Drew Barrymore line also offers pillows and a chair in the same fabric, if you want to coordinate!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Item #2: The Multi-Tier Accent Table

I also purchased this Multi-Tier Accent Table! I chose it in Grecian Blue to coordinate with Tiffany’s furniture, but it comes in Galway Green and Georgia Peach as well! I have always seen outdoor spaces as extensions of indoor spaces, so I like to give them just as much attention! This table shouts fun, fresh and function! We are using it outside to hold flowers, but it could be used indoors as well next to a sofa or side chair! It is a perfect size!!

I love that this table has three distinct areas of varying heights to place goodies!!! So unexpected and an interesting twist!

Turtle Creek Lane showing Drew Barrymore collection blue flower pot stand from Walmart!

Item #3: Two-Piece Glass Accessory Set

I fell in love with this Two-Piece Glass Accessory Set because it can be used in so many places!! Try it on your bathroom vanity to hold personal items, on your side table in the living room to hold treats, on your desk in the office to hold pens and scissors (or whatever desk items you use), or on your night-side table in the bedroom, which is where I chose to place it!! In the bedroom, it is perfect to hold that small candle you want to light on a romantic evening, and the mints you desperately need in the morning! Giggle ๐Ÿ™‚

Turtle Creek Lane showing Drew Barrymore Flower collection crystal tray set from Walmart!

All in all, I am VERY happy with the new Drew Barrymore Line, Flower Home, at Walmart! It is not easy to launch a new line – especially in the home furnishings space!! But, she has done it!! Superbly, I might add!

Congratulations Drew!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out her complete line, here is the link! Also, I will highlight a few more of my favorites below!!

Hugs… Jennifer