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Happy Halloween Decor! Come On Inside!!

A Happy Halloween Family Room and Kitchen (Food Included)!

October 30, 2017 Events, Food, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

The Family Room!

I love this room!! I love the slip-covered chairs and ottomans, the orange ruffle tutu on the couch, the witch hats on the lampshades, the Halloween pillows, the spider bowl, the two witches sitting on their toadstools reading “How to Cackle With Confidence!”, the collection of much-loved items in the bookshelf, the candy garland on the mantel, and most of all…. the little mouse in the candy bowl!!

I can’t walk into this room and not feel HAPPY!! 🙂


The Kitchen!

Let’s face it! The kitchen is where we really live and spend most of our time! I have so much fun decorating this area!!

Take a look!!

This typewriter has a seeing-eye and when you walk by it makes a tying sound and appears to be typing HELP!! It scared the living-daylights out of me one night when I couldn’t sleep!! I decided I would sneak downstairs and get some ice cream but that seeing-eye caught me and started typing!!!!!  I jumped 5 feet!! That’s what I get for eating more than my share of the Peppermint Bark Ice Cream! Giggle…. 🙂

I LOVE plates!! I totally have a plate fetish!! But I use then in my decor ALL THE TIME, so I can always rationalize buying more…. or at least that is my excuse!

The All-time CUTEST CAKE PLATE ever!!

I also collect glass jars… in all sizes and shapes!! They are the perfect addition to any decor because they are so versatile! You can fill them with practically anything and create a completely different look every time!!

For the rest of the kitchen I always fill in the little countertop areas with sentimental items; that way I see them every day and am able to relive past memories! I purchased this little Winnie the Pooh Cookie Jar when my oldest son, Steven, was probably 2 years old! That makes it over 20 years old!! It comes out EVERY Halloween and reminds me to “make the most of the time when our kids are little, because if we don’t, we will wake up one day and they will be grown and gone!!”

I hope you have the most wonderful Halloween!!! If you don’t have ideas for your

Halloween Dinner

check out my

The Silliest, Slimiest and Super Cute Halloween Tradition You Need to Do NOW! post!! It is literally the MOST FUN DINNER IDEA! Here is a sneak peak….

And remember…. LOVE those people most important to you and SHOW them you do by putting them FIRST in your life!!

Hugs… Jennifer

  1. Denise says:

    I love the “granny” witches sitting on the mushooms looking at the spell book! Where did you get them?