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My Pier 1 Christmas!

November 17, 2017 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

Welcome to my Pier 1 Kitchen!

There is no place in my home I would rather be (ok, well maybe just during the day… giggle 🙂 than my kitchen! This is where we live, we laugh, and we bake cookies!! 

I went into a Pier 1 early this holiday season and fell in love with their snowman theme!! For me, Christmas is all about family time and making the decor fun for my kids! Don’t get me wrong, I love “beautiful”, but what child wants a Christmas he/she just has to look at! They want it magical… kid magical!! 

Take a look at my Pier 1 Christmas….. 


For the sofa table, I decided to create a sledding hill out of “snow”! It just didn’t seem right to have the snow-kids sitting flat! I simply stacked up some books and placed sheets of snow over the top! At the bottom of the hill I placed two skiing snowmen! The smaller one can be both a figure and an ornament!

My kids love it!!

This is my favorite photo! From the light-up MERRY sign, to the glitter boxes, it just says “HAPPY” don’t you think?!!! And the snowflakes are from the Dollar Store!!  

How perfect is this pillow? I love including the ice blue color into my Christmas! Living in Dallas, but growing up in the Rocky Mountains, I like to at least give the illusion that there is snow and ice outside!

Christmas Cookies are my favorite pastime during the holidays!! 

This snowman is actually a stack of measuring cups!! So cute!!

My daughter, Tiffany, brought her puppy named Dallas home (he is named Dallas because when she moved away we told her we wanted her to always have a piece of “Dallas” with her everywhere she went).  His favorite place in the house is also the kitchen, so this year I have have a four-legged helper!

Tiffany hates it when I sneak him real food… so …. shhhh…. but LOVES cookie dough!!




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