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Happy Halloween Decor: Outdoor, Porch and Entryway!!

Happy Halloween Decor! Come On Inside!!

October 25, 2017 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party


The Foyer!

I’m so happy to welcome you into my home! I have had so much fun decorating for Halloween this year!!! I never do quite the same thing from year to year but this time I TOTALLY shook things up!!

 I LOVE how the FOYER turned out!!!

The minute I saw this canvas mural on-line I knew I wanted to build the foyer around it!! I don’t really do SCARY Halloween, so for me this was the perfect Haunted House!! I adore the little brother and sister holding hands Trick-Or-Treating together!!  For a moment I saw my two little ones five and three years old again! I’m pretty sure I’d have to pay them to get them to hold hands now! Giggle 🙂

Because I have light colored floors and I wanted it to look like my floor led right up to the Haunted House, I ordered a vinyl floor covering from Home Depot and cut it to size (actually, my husband helped me with that – thank you Steve!). It isn’t the exact color but I think it looks great and created the effect I was looking for!

The faux stone walls came from a company called Shindigz. They are a good g0-to website for all things set-up!

This adorable Cat-In-Jack-O-Lantern makes me smile every time I walk by! Growing up I had two cats, Midnight, and Bootsie. This one looks just like Midnight :)!

As I mentioned in my last post on Outdoor Decor, I love to take full opportunity of the space the ceiling (or a light fixture) provides!! I strung a colony of bats (yes that is what you call a group of bats) with fishing line!! Their slight movement lifts your eye up and gives the space such a fun extra pop!

For the Banister, I got grapevine garland, soaked it is water for a few hours (I used big plastic storage  filled with water) and then unwound it and attached it with floral wire. I dressed it in simple but colorful fall-leaf garlands and pics. I was deliberate in making sure some of the leaves spilled over the mural so as to soften the transition between the mural and the banister.

On the Foyer Table, I covered it first with Creepy Cloth (I think I used a total of 31 Creepy Cloths throughout the house this year) and it is THE BEST stuff! I got mine at the Dollar Store and it is by far the best-bang-for-your-buck item! I then accessorized it with fun Halloween items! The canvas’ on the wall are light-up so it actually looks like the Jack-0-Lanterns have flickering flames!! Soooo cool!!! I ordered what I thought was 6 stuffed pumpkins, but I guess I misunderstood the minimum and got 18!! I was so glad I did though because they provided the perfect Pumpkin Patch under the table!!

I LOVE this Chenille Spider Web!! You will see as we move through the house that I used them over and over!! I like that they have body and give you credit whether hanging, lying across a table, for being spread across the sofa back!

And… of course we have to provide THE MAMA SPIDER :)!!

Witch’s Hats on the sconces (and lamps… next post) is one application I use every year!!

Is is just SO fun and unexpected!!

The Living Room!

Are there even words for how ADORABLE this room turned out!!!

Between the Candy Corn Trees and the Scarecrow Familymy eyes are literally DANCING!!

I always love it when I can tell a story in a space and this one really provided the opportunity! Because I have a player-piano, I put Baby Patch’s at the piano, turned it on, and let it look like he was performing a piano recital for proud Mr. and Mrs. Patch’s!!

I carried the scarecrow theme to the coffee table by setting up Mr. and Mrs. Patch’s refreshments in a

Scarecrow Punch Bowl with Crow Mugs!!

I used real straw to soften the glass top as well as provide a dose of authenticity!!

For The Mantle, I drooped Creepy Cloth as my base and then created “display shelves” using bales of straw! I repeated the leaves from the foyer banister in the mantle and this provided the tie I wanted between the two areas. I then filled up my display areas with items I felt were consistent with the scarecrow look!!

Finally, I extended the look from the mantle to the side tables, just enough, to pull the whole room together!!

I hope you had so much fun visiting as I did setting up for you!!!!

Up next will be the Family Room and the Kitchen!! I can’t wait!!


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