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Happy Halloween Decor: Outdoor, Porch and Entryway!!

October 19, 2017 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

My Halloween Negligée!

The outdoor corner of my house is the siteline my neighbors and guests see first!  By addressing this area I give my home a “wow” appeal that says, “Don’t you want to see more?” – I call this the negligée effect 🙂

I love decorating my corner! Without fail, I will have someone stop and visit while I’m installing. That short visit often turns into a “come on inside” visit, and before you know it, I have a new friend! I love it!!

You may not have a corner that cars drive by, but whatever your negligée area is, make it your own! Plant some seasonal flowers, line your walkway with pumpkins, or hang some festive lights!

The Round Top Collection is my FAVORITE for outdoor decor!! They just do it RIGHT!! Their pieces make a bold statement and stand the test of time! I have actually purchased so much from them over the years, for every holiday, that the owner, Jeff, and I have become friends!! And the best news of all is:



at check out! I was just browsing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!! SOOO CUTE!!!! But don’t wait on the Fall Line…. It is almost GONE!!!

The Porch!

Let’s face it, first impressions count! Our porches should be seen as an outdoor living room. This space sets the tone for our homes.

We greet our guests and often visit for short periods of time on our porches. What we want this space to say is, “I’ve been waiting for you! Please come in!”

And now, for a really fun trick….let’s talk porch accessories! That’s right! Porch accessories! Look at your porch and think outside the box! The mistake we often make is thinking the only place to decorate is on the front door!! Oh my goodness!! The door is just the beginning!! Look UP, Look SIDEWAYS, and Look DOWN!


I always have something hanging from my porch ceiling!! All you need is a few simple push pins and a roll of fishing line!!

This year I decided to hang Spiders on a Spring  from the Round Top Collection. I don’t really do SCARY so for me this cute spider is PERFECT!

Last year I hung Witch’s hats!! I loved how they would sway in the breeze!! The possibilities are endless!!! Pick a theme you like and go with it!

Look Sideways!

Do you have a wall, a pillar, a light fixture? You can attach so many fun items to any one of these!! I think getting grapevine garland, untwisting it (soak it in water for a few minutes), and dressing it with fall leaves and spanish moss is so fun and festive!! Once again, I just attach it with fishing line!! Truly, fishing line is one of my BEST friends! Giggle 🙂

On my walls, (and hanging) I attached Spooky Spider Light Up!! Their eyes are battery operated and so cute!!

Look DOWN!

My personal theory on dressing the “Walk-Up” area is get as many pumpkins, gourds, and flowers as you think you will need and DOUBLE it….. But that is just me! I love it to look like a full harvest!

TIP: If you live close to a Trader Joe’s, get all your pumpkins and gourds there!! It doesn’t matter how big the specialty items are, they are all $6.99!!! I seriously got 20 pound pumpkins for $6.99!

I love this Scarecrow!! I used two of them on either side of my walkway and they added the perfect welcome!

NOW that we have addressed the UP, SIDEWAYS, and DOWN, we can move to the door!! Because my foyer inside is a cute Haunted House (next post) I decided to start the theme on the door. My friend Amy at Babam Wreaths makes such cute wreaths and swags!! I asked her to do a swag for me because I already had so much going on with the grapevine! It is just what I wanted!! Be sure to check her out!! She does every holiday as well as custom orders!!! You will love her!!

The Lawn!

New this year!!! I saw these flame-lighted pumpkins and witches in the Grandin Road Catalogue had to have them!!!!

Have so much fun with your Outdoor Decor!!

BUT please remember, you do not have to do as much as I do!! Decorating is just MY THING and I enjoy it! But truly, I absolutely love to see ONE single pumpkin on a porch! You do what works for YOU and NEVER compare yourself to anyone!!

Hugs… Jennifer