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Everything You Need to Create a Candy Christmas Tree!

November 19, 2019 Holidays, Home Decor

The Candy Christmas tree I create each year is the only piece I choose to re-create year after year!!! Why?! Because it makes me SO HAPPY!

Seriously! You can’t help but SMILE when you walk into a room and see it!

People ask me all the time where all of my ornaments come from…and to be honest, I’ve spent over 10 years collecting them! Because of this, a lot of the pieces like my cute ladders, elves and giant cupcakes are no longer made. With that said, you can add your own spin to it and create an adorable Sweets Tree of your own!

My Tree

My tree is a 10 ft. flocked tree! I found mine at market years ago, so I’m not sure who sells it…but the trees I’ve linked below look incredible and would be perfect to re-create your own Sweets Tree! THIS ONE looks almost identical to mine (heck, it may be the same one!)

Last year I added these LED Cluster lights that have a shimmering affect and I LOVE the way it makes my tree sparkle!


My favorite part of decorating trees are all of the fun ornaments! I’ve linked LOTS of fun options for you so you can create a Sweets Tree of your own!

Hugs… Jennifer

P.S follow along as I get Christmas ready on @turtlecreeklane (I’ve been sharing lots on my stories!)

P.P.S for in-depth decorating tips, an awesome community, and an invitation to my home for a Christmas Tour, join the Turtle Creek Lane Insiders! I’ve been going live every day throughout the Christmas Install, and they’ve been able to see my raw decorating process and ask questions along the way!

  1. maritza says:

    I just adore your tree…its SWEETTTTT….lol…..