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Our Kitchen Nook Holiday Refresh

November 18, 2019 Holidays, Home Decor

Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t always have to be on a large scale, and you don’t always need to buy lots of new things!

I love this little nook in our kitchen because I can swap out a few pieces here and there and create an entirely new look!

For Halloween, I styled this nook with some adorable pumpkins and block letter signs, and to transition the area into Christmas I simply added a pillow, swapped out new side-table accessories and exchanged the block letters for some decorative plates!

See what I mean?!

I absolutely love how it turned out, and I only had to buy a few new pieces to make a big impact on the space!

I’ve been made fun of for my plate collection before… giggle 🙂 but decorative plates are truly some of my favorite pieces to collect! I already own all of the plates I styled here. I’ve collected them over the years, and I love how they look in this display cabinet! If you haven’t started a plate collection yet… I highly recommend you do! Plates are just so fun and can be used on a tabletop, on a wall, or in a cabinet!! I’ve linked some cute Christmas plates for you to shop below, so you can begin your plate collection! I absolutely love this plate because you can swap out the ribbon (based on of the season), rather than having to buy a whole new set!

If you’ve been following along in my stories, then you know I’ve been pretty busy the past week getting our home guest-ready for the holidays! I kept my larger pieces, like this adorable chair (50% off!) , the cream blanket (a great neutral and on sale for only $15), and this little end table that’s under $75 and then added some festive accents!

I also love all of the cute little accessories I got from Walmart to freshen up the space! This little gingerbread baking boy is so adorable…. and you guys SOLD HIM OUT when I shared a story of him as he arrived in the mail last week!! WOW! I’ll keep an eye out for a re-stock!

I absolutely love these candy cane trees! They’re only $16 for the pair and have the prettiest sparkle to them!

This rug…. well who doesn’t love a faux sheepskin shag rug?! This one is so cute! I have the 4′ round rug, and it’s under $70! Lastly, this pillow was absolutely perfect for the space because it allowed me to pull in the green, as well as the small brown accent that shows up in the chair!

Pillows are one of my favorite, easiest ways, to get freshen up your space for the holidays and get your home guest-ready. I’ve linked some adorable, and affordable options from Walmart for you to shop below!

I hope you all love how this little nook turned out, and I hope it inspired you to be able to create a large decorating impact by just making a few small changes to your space!

I’ve linked everything for you to shop below, as well as a few additional fun gingerbread finds I thought you may like!

Hugs… Jennifer

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. I hand-selected and paid for everything you see here on my own

  1. I have been totally teased about my plate collection also, lol!! I love seeing yours!! Watching your decor process this year has been total FUN!! xoxo!