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Creating a Fresh and Beautiful Thanksgiving Table!

October 31, 2018 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

One of the tricks I use when scheming up a new decor concept is to think of three words I want the space to say when I’m done.
As a child, I remember Thanksgiving being such a happy time with so many loved ones around! I come from a large family (I am one of 7 children) so it was a little chaotic and loud! With this in mind, I always like a Thanksgiving tablescape to be calming.

So…. this year my words are neutral, clean and calming!

I think it is… Mission Accomplished!!

I began styling the table with a white tablecloth! It was a pain to iron (but I don’t like ironing – giggle) and it did exactly what I wanted it to do… it created a crisp clean base! Next, I found some beautiful garland on eBay and knew it would be the perfect anchor for the running floral centerpiece! I love dusty miller because it’s texture is soft and it’s color calming. Fresh garland is great, and I would always choose it if I could, but if you’re looking for a tablescape you can set ahead of time and enjoy all month, I would highly recommend grabbing something like this and this. I intertwined the two and I love how it turned out! It looks incredibly real and you don’t have to worry about switching it out for fresh stems!


I placed the garlands on top of a burlap table runner, added some additional small branches, and some cotton stems for texture (I adore cotton stems!).

So my husband HATES it when I make the centerpiece on the dining table too tall! And, I do agree, sometimes I get carried away in the decor concept and need to remind myself that we actually should be able to see each other while eating! 🙂 For this reason, the candles are kept purposely low!

Next, let’s talk place settings!

I’m in love with these silver chargers! Unfortunately, I have owned them for years and can’t find them anywhere! BUT…. but here are some similar chargers! They look so clean and bright!  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on them…but you can if you want! I had to take a deep breath when I found this twelve-piece set for ONLY $7.5k!!! Maybe next year… they would definitely make any Thanksgiving table look “fit for a king”! 😉

Because I found these adorable customizable cutlery holders, (they tie in so well with the burlap runner), I placed the napkin on the charger and layered the plates on top! The napkin slips right out, or if you are serving a buffet, the plates come off before you need them!

I love my set of white dinner plates because they are bright and neutral, with just a touch of whimsy!  I use them all the time, in any season, and just change out the salad plate to match the occasion.  And speaking of salad plates…. how cute are these pumpkin plates?! I LOVE them! If you decide to get them, note that they come as a set of 4, each plate is different. There are 2 orange pumpkin plates, 1 white pumpkin plate, and 1 soft green pumpkin plate. I used the orange ones in the living room and reserved the white and green for the neutral look in the dining room!

 You all know I love shopping on eBay for my home decor because I always find that “unique piece” you just can’t find anywhere! I have found some great “one of a kind” pieces, as well as some great “sold-out pieces”…. and did you know the majority of the pieces on eBay are new and you can buy them immediately! It didn’t use to be this way!

I love when Thanksgiving comes around each year and am grateful for the opportunity it creates for us to reflect on the things we are truly grateful for in life 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and you’re able to create a perfect Thanksgiving tablescape of your own that will invite good food, good company, and most of all… love into your home!

Hugs… Jennifer

This post is brought to you in partnership with eBay. All product selects are my own.