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My Michaels Halloween Porches… Decorating Both Front and Back!

October 16, 2018 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

The Front Porch!

Porch areas are such a fun place to decorate because, if done right, we are able to bring our inside decor…. out!

The front porch is where we say, “Welcome! Come on in! We are so happy you stopped by!” So make this area a priority! Let ‘s walk through my thought process when I’m planning the porches….

I like to divide my outdoor front-porch-decor plan into 3 steps:

Step 1: Create a “Walking-The-Runway Effect!”

Who doesn’t love to feel like they are walking down a runway…. not the kind an airplane uses, a fashion or VIP one!! Giggle…  Think about it, it evokes feelings of “being a STAR”! Am I right? When we make a clear path for our guests to walk, it’s just FUN!! Notice in the photo below a clear path is set to welcome guests!

I like to line the path with all things Fall…. real pumpkins, gourds, and fresh seasonal flowers! In my case, the steps are not covered so I need to use items that can handle the elements!

Step 2: Use your Ceiling!

The area just outside my door is covered (if yours has a cover, use the ceiling!!) I love to make the eye go UP whenever I can! It provides so much unused space to decorate!! I simply hung grapevine garland to small screw hooks that blend right into the ceiling (mine are white and I leave them there all year because I use them every season), and weaved leaf garland to create a WOW! statement around the door!

Nearly everything on my front porch (and later, when I show you the back porch) came from Michaels  this year!! From the grapevine garland, to the leaf garlands, to the pumpkins, to the “hello Fall” sign, to the fabulous spray on the door made by my friend at BaBam Wreaths (using all Michael’s products)…..

……. to the lighted fall tree, the garland on the table, and the cute wooden crates, Michaels was like a one-stop shop for me!

Step 3: Create Clear Focal Points!

Notice in the photo above and below where your eye stops…. these are your focal points!  A mistake often made is using too many small items, or too many items that are the same size! By carefully choosing various-sized items, and then taking a quick photo with your phone as you are installing to check yourself (why the phone makes focal points more clear is crazy to me, but it does!), you will see how important creating clear focal points are!

Ok, I’m know I’m going to get a ton of emails about where to buy those wooden “trick-or-treaters”! I’m so sorry to say that I purchased them years and years ago and they are no longer available. (Sigh…..)

The Back Porch!

Ok, I have a confession, I LOVE how our back porch turned out this year! Because I never do the same thing twice, and I’m always pleased, I feel like with the continuity Michaels provided, it just all came together really well this year!

I already owned the pumpkin plates and goblets, but was able to pull items I didn’t use on the front porch and carry the same “feel” to the back porch! It is important to always consider the “flow” of the whole house together.

Michaels has great pillows this year! Even if you are done (or almost done) with your Halloween install, NOW is the best time to stock up because EVERYTHING is on SALE!! ……. LIKE 1/2 PRICE ON SALE!!! I often buy my decor for the following year right before (or after, if its not too picked over) the holiday because it is so discounted!!!

My most favorite purchases this Halloween Season are the items on the back mantle!! The Candy Corn Garland is just sooo cute and it comes ready-made! I’m usually not a “ready-made purchaser”, but this is one case where I say “grab it”!!

 And isn’t the lighted witch’s hat with the curly-Q top so FUN?!!!

There are so many GREAT items ON SALE right now at Michaels!! Even with as much as I have purchased (mine were full price – ugh!) I still added a few more items this week for next year! Here is the link for all things on sale in Halloween.

Happy Haunting!! 🙂

Hugs…. Jennifer