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How to Throw the Most Adorable Ballerina Princess Tea Party: Part 1

How to Throw the Most Adorable Ballerina Princess Tea Party: Part 2

January 12, 2017 Events

Life is uncertain; Eat Dessert First! Now that we are on a sugar high from Part 1 of our Ballerina Princess Tea Party, let’s sweeten it even more with The Decor! (Hey, I just made a rhyme : )

I truly don’t know what was more fun, the food portion of the party, or the decorations!

Take a look!

I’m all about reusing and repurposing decorations! My son got married a little over a year ago and his then fiance’ had a vision of adorable mismatched vintage china for their reception! It turned out to be absolutely adorable…. but I had no idea how hard it would be to find (at least at a reasonable price)! I searched multiple cities in multiple states, not to mention eBay and Craig’s List, to find enough!! What I  ended up with was an incredible collection of so many beautiful vintage pieces!

Well… I couldn’t let all that collection effort be for just one event, so I had to pull it out — even if it was for a 3-year-old’s birthday party!”

Honestly…the little guests LOVED using the china tea cups because of course if we would use the “breakable drinks” then they must be at a REAL princess tea party!! And… when you truly think about it, “things are just things” and in the whole scheme of life, it really won’t make a difference if something breaks here and there.

Having said that, however; if you decide not to pull out the china you inherited from your Grandmother,  I won’t say a word! Giggle : ) There are really adorable plastic pieces available online! In my world….Google has been named the 8th Wonder of the World!!

For the place cards, we used extra Christmas balls!  How adorable! Simply write the princesses names on the ornaments with a gold sharpie and hold them in place with a cute little cupcake liner!

So as not to take away from the charm of the mismatched vintage china, the rest of the table decor was left simple. In my opinion, there is something so beautiful about picking one type of flower and scattering it throughout …. and you can never go wrong with roses!

Labeling the food with catchy thematic names is one of those details that is totally worth the effort! It’s unexpected and takes the party to the next level! And, it’s easy to do!! All you need  is some cute sparkle paper and a few die cuts!

What party is complete without CANDY?!! Always make sure the candy is displayed beautifully but…  

If it’s edible … Let them eat it!!!


 For the activity and entertainment portion of the party we provided each princess with a pre-made cookie palace, undecorated, and more than enough candy to let them create their own Princess Palace!

  And finally… we had a very special visit from a REAL Ballerina who not only gave us a private performance, but also taught us some graceful moves!!

WOW!!! What a fun day!!

Happy Happy CakeDay Gracie!  I had so much fun hosting this adorable Ballerina Princess Tea Party for you! I hope it was everything you wished for!!

Hugs…. Jennifer
  1. Maria Black says:

    Absolutely adorable! You are so creative! I love it all!