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Decorating a Valentine’s Entryway

January 23, 2017 Holidays, Home Decor

Remember how I told you to save your White Christmas Tree for your Valentine’s decor?!

This is why!!! 

Can you say, “Huge VALENTINE HUG?!!!” I LOVE Valentine’s Day so much!! Everything about it says LOVE!! As I mentioned in the “About Me” section of the blog, my goal is to have our homes HUG everyone who enters! Well…with Valentine’s decor, accomplishing that goal gets REALLY easy!!

As far as the entryway goes, make it as simple or grand as you’d like! For me… it will always be a little over-the-top… giggle : ) Regardless of your style however, just remember to have a focal point…something eye-catching that everything else is built around!

For us, it’s the Valentine Tree! 

If I can ever carryover a key-decor piece from one season to the other, I am ecstatic! Not only does it mean less take-down, it is so fun to see the transformation from one “look” to another.  Truly, if you have not seen the Tiffany Blue Christmas Entryway LOOK at it NOW and be amazed by the transformation!!! I used this white tree to create two totally different looks, and seeing how cute this Valentine tree turned out makes me wonder if I should do a tree for each holiday! Hmmmm….

As far as the decor for the tree, HAVE FUN and think outside the box! I actually made multiple bouquets of flowers and placed them strategically throughout the tree giving it a feeling romance!!  Michaels and Hobby Lobby are my go-to shops for fake flowers, and if you watch their weekly sales you’ll find they go half-off a lot!

I added cute accessories such as red nail polish, styrofoam glitter “love” signs, cupid figures, heart chocolate boxes, and believe it or not I even kept out a few of my pink and red holiday ball ornaments (which are half off right now!) to add to the love!

When it comes to buying Valentine’s decor, it can be a little nerve-wracking because there are multiple color schemes! Black, white and red, a mix of pastels, gold and pink. I’m the first to say it can get overwhelming…and my #optionanxiety may or may not be the real reason I like to do a different theme for each room… giggle : )  My problem is I LOVE IT ALL! So be sure to stay tuned for the next few weeks to get the whole picture because I really do have every color scheme represented!!

For our Valentine Entryway I decided to choose a traditional color scheme: red, pink and white!

Ok…  I’m absolutely in LOVE with this pink chair!

Don’t you just get major heart eyes looking at it?!

Believe it or not…it was in a random “discard” hallway at the Dallas Market Center and I snagged it! The fabric is actually canvas that has been painted with a pink-wash!! At first, I thought it was velvet! SOOO CUTE and such a great idea! If the fabric is canvas why not paint it?!!! We may end up seeing this chair show up in multiple colors throughout the blog!

And if the chair isn’t cute enough by itself, tacking on velvet bows just PUSHED IT OVER THE TOP! !


On our little side table, I found the most adorable paper mache Valentine baby!!  Couldn’t you just pinch her/his (I’m actually not sure if its a boy or girl!!) cute little cheeks?!

 I coupled her (let’s go with a girl because of the bow) with oversized roses, cute cupcake holders filled with glass ornaments, and… a box of chocolates! 

Instead of presents under the tree, I gathered a few red, white and pink decorative boxes  and mixed them with real chocolate boxes! Whenever you get a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day….EAT the chocolates and then SAVE the box! They’re all so adorable to add to your Valentine’s decor!

As much as I love my Tiffany Blue Walls, they looked a little bare with the tree. So in order to get the dramatic effect I wanted, I hung cute heart streamers!! It is amazing how much they add!! They frame the display perfectly!

I loved the snowflakes hanging from my Christmas entryway display so much I decided to do something similar for Valentine’s!

When I found these cute hearts, I fell in love! I was even able to use the very same fishing line!! I just swapped out the snowflakes for the hearts!! They’re perfect!

For the Banister, I used a ton of red and pink mesh ribbon (whenever you need to fill a large amount of space this stuff is THE BEST) and simply draped it evenly going up the banister. I then mentally divided the banister  into equal sections and placed another embellished bouquet of flowers. This element of our Valentine’s decor gave not only color and weight, but also created the tie-in needed between the tree and the banister.  I also embellished the base of the banister to give it a pop of color and visual weight (Having spent the week working on sentence grammar with my second-grader, I think of it like the capital letter at the beginning of a sentence…. you just need it!)!!!

AND FINALLY…. Stop it right now…. What Valentine Set-up is complete without a KISSING BOOTH!!! It was so easy to make and so fun! Once again, I used a bunch of the really wide mesh ribbon in red and pink, made a faux curtain, bought a little red table at Hobby Lobby (I think it was like $30!), added a cute sign that says: “KISSES 25 cents” (did you ever notice there is not a “cents sign” key on a keyboard?!), MADE some adorable candy trees (I invited a friend over and we made them together), threw in some candy quarters…… and

TAH DAH!!!!! We are in the KISSING BUSINESS!

Yes! Those are cinnamon red lips!! So cute!!

We had to try it out!!!

I hope you feel hugged already!!!  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the house!!

If you want to create a similar look, click (double tap on mobile) the photos below!

Hugs… Jennifer