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Create Your Own Tiffany Blue Christmas

November 29, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

My blog posts feel a little bit like my children….they are all my favorites….but if I were to have a Favorite Post, this would be it!! I can’t wait to share with you….my Tiffany Blue Christmas!

I can honestly say I have never had more fun decorating a space than I did with this foyer! I felt like I was able to capitalize on every element – from the ceiling to the floor…. and not to mention, I was literally giggling watching it all come together!

The funny thing is though, my inspiration all came from one ornament I saw at Walmart while I was looking for a birthday present for my son!

I grew up in Utah and every year when the snow got deep enough my dad would turn our back lawn into an ice skating rink! I’ll always remember the year I got my very own white ice skates!! When I saw these adorable blue and white ice skates I was taken back to deep snow, freezing nights, and the memory of my dad “watering” the snow he had just spent hours packing down with his skis in order to make the perfect ice rink. Can you picture it?!


I didn’t even know Walmart had cute ornaments….giggle 🙂  But with this new discovery, I began building everything around these ice skates! So often the mistake people make in decorating is trying to mix items that have different “feels”. For example, look at the skates… what do they say? To me, they say “soft”, “unsaturated”, “delicate”, “textured”, “whimsical”, and of course, “blue, white, and sparkly silver”.  So, in order to make the space flow and create my Tiffany Blue Christmas, everything I put with them needs to say the same thing!

Decorating the Tree

I’ve never done an ALL-white flocked tree but the ice skates were asking for something soft so I HAD to do it! I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but you can find similar ones anywhere! Imagine the difference it would make if I had a dark green tree. Yikes! That would just be all-wrong! Can you see how if the tree were a dark green, the “feel” wouldn’t compliment the skates?

Since the tree was pre-lit, ribbon is the first thing to go on (otherwise it would be the lights).  I began looking for something perfect to compliment the skates and found it! This ribbon (look at the tree not the presents) offers both our “delicate” and our “textured” feel. I love the soft blue of the netting combined with what looks like snowflakes falling! I got this blue Christmas ribbon at Walmart, but you can find something similar here!


Next, I went in search of ornaments….and believe it or not, I found most of my ornaments at Walmart and Hobby Lobby! I knew I wanted to concentrate on the “blue”, “white”, “sparkly silver”, and a touch of “whimsy” here….. and look what I found! I think they are perfect for a Tiffany Blue Christmas, don’t you?!





Also! I LOVE – beyond love – these cute fluffy snowball pom pom’s that are sticking out of the tree!! Look how they give “texture” to the tree and help it stand out from the blue wall behind them.


Here are some similar options for you to choose from as well!

The tree is looking so unbelievably cute! I just needed the topper to finish it off! When it comes to the top of a Christmas tree, I like to think VERY out of the box! Everyone’s eye always goes UP so I think it needs to make a statement…especially since we’re doing something a bit different with this blue Christmas idea! I have to admit I was struggling a little at this point for the perfect thing….. so I decided to move on and let it TELL me what it needed. Don’t get overwhelmed when you can’t think of the perfect next piece…just walk away, take a break, and I promise it will eventually come to you!

Decorating the Space

I had removed the regular art I usually keep on my walls, so I needed to replace it with something that would fit the blue Christmas theme and fill in the open spaces next to the tree. Snow was my constant throughout so I decided on snowmen and snowflakes!



Aren’t they adorable? Again, a lot of what I found is at Hobby Lobby, but you can find a similar items below!

I love beautifully wrapped presents… and in my opinion there is nothing better than a crisp white box coupled with a festive bow! I went to my ribbon closet and pulled every soft blue color I had, and I started wrapping! I always like to add a little “goodie” along with the bow and in this case I had a few extra ornaments, so I tied them on! Look how far that little extra pop goes!


Ribbons are so much fun because you can really mix and match however many you’d like, as long as they’re within the same color scheme!

The Topper

All of the sudden….BAM! It came to me! That was what the tree wanted all along for the topper…… more presents!! How cute are these??? They’re actually light-up gift boxes that are usually used outdoors, but I truly believe you can put whatever you want on the top of a tree…as long as you can get it to stay…giggle 🙂


The Banister

For the banister I simply carried on the theme of the tree but added a lot of sparkly snowflakes and slightly larger ornaments throughout. I was unable to find an all-white flocked garland so the snowflakes really helped to keep it “soft”. I always buy my own plain garland as a “blank slate”, and then add whatever items I’m using throughout the rest of the room! I’m a big fan of full garland, so add a bunch of ornaments, sprays, balls etc. as you can…and then keep adding more until there’s just no more room left!


The Finishing Touch

Now for the finishing touch!!! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow….. inside! With my high ceilings, I wanted to fill up all that space with something I’d get credit for. Can you say fabulous?! I fell in love with these huge blue Christmas snowflakes the minute I saw them at Hobby Lobby; and thanks to my husband who helped me engineer a way to hang them without any unwanted holes in the ceiling, the look is complete – floor to ceiling!




Phew….that’s it! We have created a Tiffany Blue Christmas wonderland that is “soft”, “unsaturated”, “delicate”, “textured”, “whimsical”, and of course, “blue, white, and sparkly silver” !


I can’t wait to see what you come up with this Christmas!

Hugs….. Jennifer

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  1. Lisa says:

    I would love to know how you hung the snowflakes from the ceiling.

    • kimberly says:

      Hi Lisa!
      Such a fun secret, right? All you need to do is hang the snowflakes with a little fishing string and you’ll be all set!

      • Coryelle says:

        How did you hang the fishing string from the ceiling? Thumbtacks?

        • kimberly says:

          Hi Coryelle!I was lucky enough to have a chandelier that I hung the fishing line though 🙂 Or I guess you could say….my husband hang for me. Giggle : ) But thumbtacks are actually a great idea as well!

  2. Paula Miller says:

    Your room looks beautiful! I am needing some of those large HL snowflakes so bad. Did you just get them last year?
    Would you want to sell yours?
    Thank you.
    Paula Miller