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The Perfect Porch Accessories

October 13, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

Last year I came home from a long vacation, walked up the front porch and stopped dead in my tracks… my plants were dead, there were packages that had been piling up for weeks, and the area looked like it hadn’t been swept in….well, maybe never! I literally wanted to run inside, put on my pink cleaning gloves and get to work immediately!

Let’s face it, first impressions count! Our porches should be seen as an outdoor living room. This space sets the tone for our homes.

We greet our guests and often visit for short periods of time on our porches. What we want this space to say is, “I’ve been waiting for you! Please come in!”

With that being said, my theory on fall decorating for the front porch area is: Gather as many pumpkins, gourds and flowers as you think you will need -– then DOUBLE IT!!! We want this area to look like a Full Harvest!

And now, for the really fun trick….let’s talk porch accessories! That’s right! Porch accessories! If you’re like me then you LOVE a good Halloween costume party. But, what about that time you were so embarrassed because you got to the party and didn’t realize you were supposed to wear a costume… ugh! We’ve ALL been there!

Well, I never want my guests to feel that way. I bought a few witches hats, attached fishing line to easily removable clips, and hung them on my front porch… ta-dah! In the event one of your guests forgot their costume, or were waiting to see if  “everyone else was going to dress-up” you can easily unhook a hat! Or, for those ladies who don’t want to mess up their hair… pop on a spooky headband!

With just a few cute accessories, your porch provides an instant Halloween costume in a pinch!









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Hugs… Jennifer