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All Things Green!! A Roundup of My Favorites!

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Traditions You Can Start This Year!

March 14, 2017 Events, Holidays

Strong Traditions Make Strong Families!

For me, it is our family traditions surrounding holidays that are the most memorable!! If you are wanting to start some fun family traditions or add to the ones you already have, begin THIS FRIDAY with new St. Patrick’s Day traditions!

I’ll spell out some Super-Fun-and-Easy St. Patrick’s Day Traditions that may just be the beginning of many laughs for years to come!!

Tradition #1: Lenny the Leprechaun!

In the Houghton home, Lenny the Leprechaun plays all kinds of pranks every March 17!! His pranks are always cleaver and always fun! One year (when Easter happened to fall very close to St. Patrick’s Day) he got really MAD at us because when he arrived he saw Easter decorations everywhere!!

This is the note he left for us, and what he did to our Easer Bunnies!!

Personally, I thought the threat on the lives of all the Easter Bunnies was a little harsh, but we sure got a good laugh and the kids LOVED the Sprite!!

I guess Lenny felt much better having all the Easter Bunnies covered in GREEN!!

And I felt much better about serving my kids Sprite for breakfast because I rationalized it was to save the bunnies! 🙂 

One year Lenny the Leprechaun actually turned the water in our faucet green!! TIP: Get one of those little green Easter Egg Coloring tablets and unscrew the very end of the your water faucet nozzle (where the filter is). Put the green tablet in the nozzle and screw it back on. Turn your water back on, and it will be green! If you don’t have an unscrew-able nozzle then get some cheese cloth, or some other material that water can go through, and inconspicuously attach it with a clear rubber band to hold the green coloring tablet in place so the water will run through it and turn green!


Tradition #2  All Food Goes Green For The Day

I have made so many green foods over the years!! It has been SO FUN!! For just one day,  forget the fact that you are pumping your family with green food coloring and enjoy their squeals!!

A sneak peak of a few of my favorite green foods are below…but there are so many fun ones to choose from I decided they deserved their own post! Fun foods and recipes (including one of my all-time favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions) will be coming on Thursday, so be sure to check back! : )

Tradition #3 WEAR Green

We REALLY have fun with this one!! We take it down to the fingernail polish for the girls and the boxers for the boys! (Sam wouldn’t let me show his boxers … giggle)

I have three older children and I can’t tell how how glad I am that I took the time to make holidays fun for them!! It does take a little extra time and preparation, but now that those three older ones are out of the house they talk so fondly of our holiday traditions!! Traditions are such an important step in making our houses… homes!

Have fun with your St. Patrick’s Day traditions this year!! Make it joyful!

Hugs… Jennifer