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Top 6 Tips for Your Best Ever Easter Table Decorations!

April 6, 2017 Holidays, Home Decor

In the Houghton household, we love to eat! 

 Steve, my husband, and I have always placed a big emphasis on Family Breakfast and Family Dinner! With so much going on, meals are the time where we actually sit and talk, laugh, and for our family, say our “Sweets and Sours” of the day! This being said, I enjoy making the two “family tables”, the dining room table and the breakfast table, really fun for us — ESPECIALLY during Easter! I’ll discuss the breakfast room table in another post but will give a quick peek below at both Easter table decorations!

The Dining Room Easter Table Decorations!

 The Breakfast Room Easter Table Decorations!

Let’s Discuss the Easter Decor on the Dining Room Table! 

I know it probably looks like a lot, but when we break it down, step by step, it really is pretty simple 🙂

Start with an empty table…..

Tip 1: Position Easter Grass Down the Center of Your Table!

Visually look at your table and fill a little less than 1/3 of the table size with grass. I know there are SO many colors and styles available to choose from so just pick your favorite! I would highly recommend you get something with “body!” What I mean by this is, you are able to fluff it a little and it STAYS. Some of the plastic-looking kinds fall so flat!! I wish so badly the company where I got this grass still made it!! Sigh… I even called them to ask if there was ANY way they would make more and they said, “Not right now…” But, it’s ok, the breakfast table doesn’t have this kind and it looks great!

Tip 2: Position Glass Jars! 

It is best to start with the tallest jar and place it somewhere close to the middle of the table. NOTE: You may need to “ooch” the grass out the way a little if it is thick, the jars must have a sturdy place to sit!  Next, place two similar-styled jars on either side of the center jar, slightly off center. Once those three jars are in place fill in with various-sized and various-shaped jars being sure to keep it is visually balanced by placing an equal number of jars on both sides.

Tip 3: Fill the Jars!! 

This is such a fun part of the process because you can fill the jars with whatever speaks to you!! I chose to use all sorts of Easter Eggs (varying in size and texture), candy (of course! I admit, I love sugar), and yellow tulips. Just be careful here not to use all the same-sized items! It is so much more interesting if you can see both size and texture variations!

Tip 4: Accessorize the Grass! 

I had so much fun accessorizing the grass with chocolate bunnies (they look like real chocolate, but they aren’t), more Easter eggs (large, all the way to down to about 3 inches), yellow furry chicks, and bunnies!

Tip 5: Set the Table! 

I personally am so CRAZY in love with this pink china made by Royal Albert!! It is so happy and fun and I find I use it all spring and summer!! And it couldn’t be more perfect for Tea Parties!!

I also love these  adorable bunny plates! They come in a set of 4, each a different color, and all the colors look great as salad plates on top of the Royal Albert dinner plate!  If you don’t have a set of gold flatware, look on Ebay! This set was really inexpensive! I found these Pink Peonies Napkin Rings  at Crate and Barrel and love how they give the table a pop of pink and a burst of life!!

How cute are these hand-painted Easter Goblets?! They are even on sale right now! I love how they pull all the colors on the table together in one place! I also purchased these cupcake stands a couple years ago and use them ALL THE TIME! Yay! I was certain I wouldn’t be able to find them for you, but I was wrong…

(I love it when I’m wrong- giggle!). I’ve linked them for you here!

Tip 6: Complete the Look! 

Be sure to carry several items from your Easter table decorations and mix them with other fun Easter accessories to give the room a cohesive feel!!

Have FUN with your Easter table decorations!! And then use them!! I’m confident the effort we make to spend time eating together will be worth it!! There is so much research showing that having family dinner has so many mental and emotional benefits!!

So let’s do it!

I’d love to see your Easter Table!! Upload a picture to Instagram and tag @turtlecreeklane!!

Hugs… Jennifer


  1. Wanda Flowers says:

    Your home is so elegant and so gorgeous and also amazing to see” and i am so surprise! when you show how everything is so very beautiful and wonderful decorated. and i for one, can not get enough of just looking at your video and picture! Thank You So Much for showing us your elegant and amazing home, Your Easter Decoration is “FANTASTIC”

  2. Carolyn Suggs says:

    I enjoy your posts so much. Beautiful Easter decorations! I wanted to ask if the beautiful cake is real or is it a faux cake? If it is faux, could you please tell me where you got it. It is absolutely gorgeous! I have a pink and green kitchen and would love to have one like this. Thanks so much for allowing us to enjoy your creativity!