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Outdoor Easter Decorations!

April 10, 2017 Holidays, Home Decor

Outdoor Easter Decorations! Done!

I get more comments on my OUTDOOR Easter decorations from people in the community than I do on my inside decorations, because…

outdoor decorations are what most people see!! 

So… we absolutely do not want to ignore what we do in our flower beds, our walkways, and our porches! I actually made three new friends while I was putting up my Easter corner this year! They stopped to chat while I was installing and I invited them in to see the rest of the house! There are so many NICE people I meet when I’m outside either walking, playing at the park, or decorating! You are going to laugh at me, but I actually started a new “note” on my phone entitled “Nice People I Meet Outside”. I write their names down and a brief description so I can remember them next time we are both out and about!

Once again, I went to my GO-TO, The Round Top Collection, for my outdoor Easter decorations! I just checked their website to see what they still have in stock and they are having an AWESOME sale (lots of items are 50% off)! It’s not just on Easter either!

And, YOU get an additional 20% off ANYTHING in your cart if you use the code TCL20 at checkout!! Wow!

Ok, I’m obsessed with everything light-up this Easter because when the sun goes down my whole corner stays in view — the lit ones illuminate the non-lit ones!

The Striped Egg comes two sizes, medium and large. I have both in my display. The ones next to my large bunny are the large-size. They are 33″ tall! You definitely get credit for these babies!!  The big bunny is unfortunately already sold out! Sigh…

The small Solid-Colored Eggs come as a trio and are great in spreading out the light throughout the display!

Stop it right now! How cute are new Zinnia Spinners!? They are actually windmills and spin in the breeze! The large size is already sold out but the smaller ones are still plenty big and SO FUN!!


Ok, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but I had forgotten I ordered these bunny ears and when they arrived I called the company to tell them they forgot to send me the bunny that went along with the ears!!! They laughed at me and said they were supposed to come that way because they look like bunnies hiding in the grass!! 


The last item on my corner I want to highlight are these whimsical Glitter Eggs dressed with a gold crinkle bow! They also come as a set of three and are fun as filler item for those “holes” you are bound to have — or as a stand-alone set placed together!

Next, on to the….

 Easter Entryway and Porch!

I love so many different elements of this Outdoor Easter Display!!

I can’t even get past the first step before I have to STOP! How crazy cute are the real carrots in the pots!!? I literally giggled when I first placed them!! I will admit, on a warm day they do start to droop, so if you are having company, it is probably best to put them out right before your guests arrive!! But, it is just so unexpected and fun!!!

I’m dying!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE!!

Next is the Daddy and Mommy Bunny Display! I have had these huge bunnies for years (I actually bought 2 sets – the other I have inside with the Peter Rabbit Display) and I use both sets every year!

I always give the Mommy a REAL Easter Basket, with brightly-colored eggs to hold.  I imagine she is taking it home to her babies!! Giggle 🙂 Another fun element that gives the display a base is the green “grass”. This is actually just a sample from the carpet store! How easy!

I have had more fun with these Light-up Carrots!!! They were my inspiration for the porch and I worked everything else around them!! They are so unique and I can think of many fun ways to use them after Easter is over!! How fun would it be to invite your friends over for Carrot Cake and set them up in your kitchen?!!!

You might not know this, but because I live on Turtle Creek my house actually sits on a duck crossing! When we were building we literally had to angle a corner of our house and provide a cement ramp for any baby duck to be able to follow it’s mommy back into the pond behind our house!! At the time, I was a little annoyed at what that was going to cost, but now as I have watched countless ducklings hatch and be introduced into Turtle Creek, I’m overjoyed to be so lucky!! So… I decided to use my personal duck crossing as outdoor Easter decor inspiration!!


You can buy River Rocks , chicks and a Mommy Duck to create your own pathway!!

If you have looked at any of my previous front porch posts, you know I love to hang fun items from the porch ceiling! When I saw these carrots I couldn’t resist!! The link I provided for you is not where I got mine, but my source is sold out, so grab these 16 inch ones!!

To complete the outdoor Easter decorations, I carried the carrot theme over to my porch table. I repeated the light-up carrots, added a carrot garland, some bunnies, and spring flowers!!

The greatest part of all is the outdoor Easter decorations transition perfectly to the indoor decor!!!

I love for our homes to “embrace” all who enter! By making our outdoor decorations a priority, we are saying, “Welcome! We are so happy you are here!!”

Hugs… Jennifer

  1. I want to find something nice for my garden next Easter. This year we had an Easter egg hunt, and it was kind of lacking. I think putting some fun egg-themed windmills around would be nice!