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Picking the Perfect Gift… for HER!

December 11, 2018 Holidays, Home Decor


Every girl loves to be pampered!

I always keep this thought in mind when I’m buying a gift for “HER”!

Because most of us always have at least one “her” we need to buy for, I thought I would do a post that might help! I was in Pottery Barn the other day and saw multiple robes hanging on a display. There was this cream robe hanging that I literally just had to walk over to and touch! Do you know what I’m talking about? You feel compelled to see if it is as SOFT as it looks!

Well, it was as soft as it looked and so I loaded up my bag and grabbed the matching slippers too! (I just looked up the links for you and they are both on sale now!) My daughter Tiffany loves everything soft and I knew she would LOVE this for Christmas!  When she came into my bathroom later that day and saw it, she immediately asked who it was for (and put it on!) BUSTED…… So, I gave it to her early in exchange for her letting me snap a few photos for her s00n-to-be-fiance, and now this post :)!

While at Pottery Barn I also grabbed a few goodies to go along with the “pampering” theme!

I am a bath person about once a week. Usually, I shower but roughly once a week I like to light a few candles, soak in the tub with a great bath soak, maybe add a wonderfully smelling bath bomb, and relax. OK, I’m laughing right now because as I think about it, I usually end up in the bathtub when I have eaten too much ice cream and I am so cold I need to be heated up…. GIGGLE 🙂  I do soak and relax, but I warm up too!

If you have never used Tocca Creams, you should try them! I was introduced to them about 2 years and I love them! Every flavor seems to have the perfect amount of fragrance and they are not too greasy!! This little set is the perfect compliment to the robe and bath goodies! I haven’t given these to Tiffany yet!

And how adorable is this reindeer mug, and this Oh What Fun mug! Tiff loves herbal tea so I thought I would throw those in with my pampering gift for her too!

I hope this has given you a few ideas when gifting for HER!

Now I need to think about HIM….. sigh…. (why are girls gifts more fun to buy? 🙂

Hugs… Jennifer