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I’m Dreaming of a White…….. and Pink and Gold Christmas!

December 5, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

I’m Dreaming of a White…….. and Pink and Gold Christmas!


I could literally sit in this room all day! Ok, if I didn’t have 6 kids, I could literally sit in this room all day!  I absolutely love how it turned out! If you could have seen it a few months ago, you would be amazed at the transition! The walls used to be yellow with white trim and the furniture was a combination of Tiffany blue, pink, green and yellow. Ok, that description sounds horrific but it really was beautiful — just not like it is now! I was inspired by a room I saw on Pinterest and decided to DIY painting the walls! Can you say big mistake? I should’ve known to stop when I asked a gentleman at Home Depot where he got the paint gun he had in his cart and he said, “you mean the caulk gun?” Ouch!!! However, being determined to learn a new skill, I attempted to paint it myself!  Let’s just say after having to hire someone to sand down EVERYTHING I had spent weeks painting, I’ve decided using oil paints and gold leafing is beyond my skill-grade for now!!

Creating the Room

After getting the walls figured out, I moved onto the furniture. The couch frame was black and I wanted a softer look, so I decided to go gold and add a simple cream upholstery fabric. I then added blush pink velvet and damask gold and pink pillows. I beyond LOVE it!!


I had a really hard time finding these antique chairs, but I finally found them on Etsy! The catch is they were navy blue and gold (they really were horrific!). Remember when you are looking for the perfect furniture piece always look at the shape first! You can change everything else! And I did!! Since the couch is a simple cream, and I was having the cabinet painted pink, I decided the chairs would be cream too.  I added tufting, however, to the back of the chairs to give the room more texture. WOW! Can you say fabulous?!



Since I have a large black piano, I needed to balance the visual weight of the room; otherwise it would look very left-lopsided. I accomplished this by putting down a black and white zebra rug and, since we needed a new family picture taken, adding a photo with everyone wearing black.


And since we are looking at the fireplace — how about that Christmas mantel?!

The Mantel and Trees

For the mantel, I found a fabulous cream garland and embellished it with a small gold leaf-garland, pink and gold butterflies, white turtle doves, blush pink ball ornaments, gold candlesticks, gold lampposts, and cream flocked pearl mini trees. The result is almost lick-able! Giggle!!





Now, how fun are these pink trees?!  I didn’t really have room for a large tree in the family room, so this grove of 6 small trees is just perfect! I wanted to let them speak for themselves so I kept the ornaments very minimal and simple. The effect is stunning!





Finishing Touches

Now for the finishing touches! I wanted everything to look clean so the tablescapes have simple but fabulous details. Even though I added new elements, by carrying the butterflies, trees, and blush pink balls “down” it gave the room a cohesive look.








I hosted an event this week and it was so fun to watch the faces of my guests and listen as some of them audibly gasped as they walked into this room! My pictures a great; but in-person, it is truly a space where you just want to LIVE — all day! I wish you all could come on over, sit for a bit, sip some hot chocolate with me, and we could discuss all the stuff we still have left to do for the Holidays!!!


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Hugs…. Jennifer