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The Candy Land Christmas Family Room Part 1

December 7, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

The Candy Land Christmas Family Room Part 1: The Tree and Mantel

I don’t know if there is another room in my home that makes me happier than when I walk into my Candy Land Christmas Family Room. Can you not help but just smile when you look at it?!

There is SO much that goes into this room and I don’t want to skip out on any adorable details  (remember details matter, ladies!!) just so I can try to squeeze it all in one post. Instead, I’ll be splitting the Candy Land Christmas Family Room up into multiple posts so I can truly show you every piece of the magic! I hope you enjoy!


The Tree

It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until the tree is up…right?! I love to decorate my tree first, before anything else goes up! It sets the tone for the rest of the room, and I truly decorate everything else around the tree!

The most important word of advice I can give while putting up a tree is this: Think of a theme and STICK TO IT!  Phew! There ya go….post over, right?! Just kidding. Giggle : )  I’ll actually be sharing another post soon with step by step instructions (and another video!) on how to decorate your Christmas tree! So stay tuned!

I have very high ceilings in my family room, so it was important to find a tree that would look proportional to its surroundings. I bought a new 10 ft flocked tree this year and LOVE it!!

I want the topper to be the first thing that catches my guest’s eyes…so I typically stray from something different than the traditional star. I found these large lollypop sticks and decided to have them spray out from the top! Now there’s something that immediately catches your attention, and then draws your eyes down to look at the rest of the tree in it’s entirety!


I love having a full tree, and it’s literally been decorated to the point where I don’t know if any more lights or ornaments could even fit on it! Giggle : ) There are over 15,000 lights on it and more than 1,100 ornaments!!

I bought new lights this year that are called “transparent cord cluster lights“, and they are absolutely stunning! When it comes to ornaments, I make sure to stick to the color scheme that I have picked out ahead of time. With the Candy Land Christmas theme I could go all out with bright pinks, lime greens, yellow, purple, blue…..basically anything happy and bright!





To help create a fuller look and add a bit of texture, it’s fun to add large pieces sticking out of the side of the tree. These adorable little elves on the ladder did just the trick!




The Mantel

The mantel is where all of the magic of Christmas morning begins…right? When Santa slides down the chimney and turns around to fill the stockings, I want to make sure he’s looking at something that is not only fabulous…but will also help him work up an appetite for his milk and cookies! Giggle : )

The mantel is actually quite simple, as I want the stockings to be the star of the show! I begin with my traditional green and flocked garland, and then added some cute rainbow sparkle tree cones on each side in order to create a balanced look.

I love traditions, so our stockings are years old and personalized for each child! One thing I’m so glad I did when I purchased them years ago was grab a few extra blank stockings. That way, when my son got married I was able to personalize another stocking with her name on it, and add it on the mantel with the rest of the family!

A few finishing touches include ice cream cones (a Houghton’s favorite treat) spread across the mantel, and two large ones hanging from the side!




Shop some of my favorite picks below : ) I can’t wait to show you Part 2 of our Candy Land Christmas Family Room!!

Hugs…. Jennifer