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Creating a Christmas Kitchen

December 23, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

Can you believe Christmas is only two days away?! I feel like I have so many more fun goodies to show you……..and I just can’t leave out my Christmas kitchen, so let’s take a tour!!

Since the kitchen is the place where I bake all of my Christmas goodies, I figured it makes sense to carry over my candy land theme from the family room!


The Island

The first thing I love to decorate for my Christmas kitchen is my island! As you all know by now, in my mind everything is “the bigger the better” when it comes to decorating… giggle!

I have some adorable ice cream sundaes that I basically designed the entire kitchen around! In order to create height and dimension in the display, I gathered some cute decorative boxes (see some fun choices here), and placed one of the sundae’s on top. I then stacked a few more of the decorative boxes next to it!

Once the height is established, make sure to follow the “tapering” rule making sure there’s a gradual decline in height for the rest of the display! You can see another example of how to do this on your coffee table here! For the kitchen island, I did this by grabbing a few cake stands and stacking them on top of each other! Don’t be afraid to use real goodies and candy either….I have real cupcakes on display for this island centerpiece!

As you’ve seen from my previous posts, I love to use snow ! I’ve sprinkled it all around the bottom of this display and I love how it pulls everything into one large decoration….(and the sparkle it adds is joyful!)






The Light Fixture

Above my island I created a fun decorative piece using my light fixture! This is one of my favorite things to do….if you have any hanging light fixtures, it’s truly the cutest way to spruce up your room! You can see how I also did it in my Peppermint Breakfast Room here!

All you have to do is get a cute flocked garland and add as many ornaments as you can! I also love adding cute little details like the elves hanging from the lights and the candy sticks popping out to add more dimension and fun to the display!

I find a lot of my candy decorations at Hobby Lobby, but I’ve also searched the internet and found similar items that you can shop by clicking (double tap on mobile) the small photos below!






Everything Else! 

Now that your main focal points are complete, just have FUN with the rest of the Christmas kitchen! I love to fill  every corner, but you can also just choose one or two additional places and add a little flair! My recommendation if you don’t have a lot of decor to pull from is, rather than spreading it all out, choose one or two areas and make them look full! The eye will go there and give the illusion that the room is complete!

The stove is a fun and unexpected place to highlight some fun decorations! Find a few fun and decorative plates to stack together… it’s such an easy addition! You can do this with any season and any time of the year too….all you have to do is switch out the color of plates!



The rest of my Christmas kitchen is accented with ornament-covered garland, cute gingerbread men and of course REAL CANDY! In the home tour video of my home, you’ll see that I have used over 70 lbs of real candy to decorate! Well…..I recalculated, and I actually think it’s more like 120 lbs…. giggle : )

If you buy your candy in bulk, (Amazon is a great place for this!) it’s so much more affordable. Candy takes an extremely long time to go bad too, so don’t be afraid to store it for re-use either! Once you’re done using it for the display, simply put it in a zip lock baggie and save it for next year!








I hope you’ve found some fun inspiration to create your own Christmas kitchen! You can shop some of my fun picks by clicking (double tap on mobile) on the small photos below!

Hugs…. Jennifer

  1. Veanna says:

    I liletalry jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!