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Creating a Baby Station In My Home

June 16, 2023 Home Decor

Now that I am a Minnie to two beautiful little girls, I decided I want to make my home as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for my daughters. Being a mom is hard, and thinking about what you have to take for your baby, when, and where, adds unnecessary stress. So, I decided to create a baby station to ensure coming to Minnie’s house is as easy as it gets!

When thinking of the baby station, I wanted to make sure we had everything we could ever need for Stevie Kate and Lily. Whether that be diapers, wipes, medicine, toys, or even a booger sucker ; ) I had the girls create a wishlist for me and placed a large order on!

Some of Kimmy’s favorite items include the swing that Stevie Kate loved as a baby! It’s not extremely expensive like some other swings, but it works like a charm! I also got a cute and affordable baby carrier so Tiffany doesn’t have to bring one over with Lily each time. We ordered toys for both the girls including a little play gym for Lily & cute doctor kit for Stevie Kate!

You can find everything we ordered HERE! If you’re a grandma as well, or a new mom, I hope you find this helpful!

Thank you to Walmart for partnering with me on this post. Everything shared here was hand-selected by me & paid for by myself