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A Quick Tip to Easily Get Valentine’s Ready!

January 23, 2021 Home Decor

We’re in the middle of setting up Valentine’s decor this year, and can you believe it…..I ran out of conversation hearts…AGAIN! Haha!

One of the biggest hurdles I come up against while decorating is running out of supplies. Going to store after store each day takes up a lot more time than you think, so I’ve been extremely grateful for the Walmart+ membership I got a few months ago!

Can you tell I may have gotten a little carried away?! ; ) I hopped online to get some conversation hearts delivered to me, but then saw all of the other fun supplies they had! They were so affordable, and came so quickly (Walmart+ gives you free delivery from your local store ($35 minimum, restrictions apply)

A fun tip to easily, and affordably make the smaller holidays around your home a little more festive is to order themed paper plates, fun cups, straws and other kitchen goodies! Your kids will think they’re so fun (McKenna Kate especially loves the heart cups) and you’ll love that you have less dishes to wash! Win win!

Don’t forget that small things like this can create fun traditions and memories in your homes. : ) I’ve linked the fun pieces I snagged for you below, and you can grab them all on Walmart+!

thanks to Walmart for partnering with me on this post