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A Cute Cookie Corner + Pieces I Thought Were Gone For Good!

November 26, 2019 Christmas, Home Decor

This little nook in my home has been one that I’ve been putting off for a while! I’m not sure’s just been a tricky one to style this Christmas season!

This table is typically placed where our Candy Christmas Tree currently sits, so I like to move it and turn it into a sofa table during the Christmas season! Since our Christmas theme this year is Gingerbread, I obviously thought it would be so cute to bring some gingerbread men into the space! I had this adorable vision for the space… I bought this cute table runner and gingerbread trees… and then the gingerbread men SOLD OUT! OH NO!

I previously bought these adorable men to place in my kitchen, and you all have LOVED them too! So much that there were none left! I wanted to grab a couple more to add to this sofa table, but I wasn’t sure where I could find more….that’s when it hit me! eBay! DUH!!! I always love heading to eBay when I’m searching for those tricky-to-find or unique pieces!

Sure enough…I found more of these adorable Gingerbread Men + these cute Gingerbread Trees to complete the space! The Gingerbread Men are unfortunately sold out again : ( (dang ya’ll love them so much!) HOWEVER the gingerbread trees are still available!! YAY! You can get them HERE!

Since this sofa table ties into the entry of the kitchen, I added some cute cake stands so it can double as an additional serving station! Now we can place cookies, veggies etc. here for our guests to nibble on whenever they come over!

You can re-create this look by adding in some other adorable gingerbread figures! I’ve linked some cute options for you below!

While I was searching for my cute Gingerbread pieces, I also stumbled across some INCREDIBLE ornaments! I’m SO excited….many of these are pieces I’ve used within my own tree or placed throughout my house, and I had NO CLUE where to find them! Eeeek I love eBay so much! I’m so happy I can share so many adorable Christmas pieces with you now! Just click through the product photos below!

Thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post. I truly love this brand and selected/purchased all pieces featured on my own