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2017 Christmas Reveal! The Front Porch!

December 5, 2017 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

Decorating Your Front Porch!

I firmly believe the front porch is an extension of the house! It sets the tone for everything inside! 

Let’s have so much fun “dressing” this area!

Begin with the DOOR!

If you are struggling with where to start, begin with something FABULOUS on the door! If you have followed Turtle Creek Lane for very long, you know that I love incorporating anything BaBamWreaths creates!! If you haven’t gone to their website yet, you really NEED to!! Amy will custom make you just about anything you can think up, or you can choose from her wonderful selection! I told her I wanted a “candy-themed” wreath and she sent this one!!

I beyond LOVE it!!

The details and use of various textures is, as I would say, “almost lickable”… giggle :)!


Use What You Have… It’s TRADITION!

Colonel Cupcake has become a part of the family! We’ve had him enough years he is actually slightly hunched over with age! I have to prop his toes up with a little book so he will stand up tall, and I have to put the candy cane under the wrong hand so he can still hold the cupcake tray….but we love him…. he has become a tradition on our porch! The company Glitterville makes him and their new version is not free-standing, but absolutely adorable! He is sold out everywhere, but if you have an interest in him, email me and I will check production (for next year).



Remember to USE the Ceiling!

Our sweets hanging from the ceiling with fishing line make me think of  The Night Before Christmas book and “Vision of Sugar Plums dancing in their heads..” but in my case they are “swaying in the breeze!” A few yards of fishing line borrowed from your husband’s tackle box and you are set to go with a new fun decorating idea!!

OK, what exactly is a sugar plum??

I just Googled it…. WHAT?  It’s a small round candy of flavored boiled sugar!! Who knew!

I think I like our cupcakes, lollipops, and ice cream cones better :)!



Decorating TIP:

Look how using a simple roll of paper adds to the whole composition of this table? It provides an anchor and gives the eye a place to rest! So, hang on to all that old wrapping paper!

Once again, BaBam Wreaths made this “Letter’s to Santa” mailbox for me!! Of course, she coordinated it perfectly with the wreath on the door!

How CUTE!!!



Have Fun With Your Pots and Landscaping!

The RoundTop Collection is, bar none, THE BEST for outdoor “dressing”! I’m crazy about their Candy Canes this year!! And remember with The RoundTop Collection, you get 20% off anything you order if you put in the code TCL20 at checkout (that includes SALE items!) 

Another great decorating tip is to use wreaths in your pots as the base for the greenery (especially if you live in a snowy climate)! I had a few extra sitting around and they are perfect!!





Stay Tuned…. We are opening the door and going INSIDE next post!!! 

I can’t WAIT… giggle 🙂 

Hugs… Jennifer









  1. Diane says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Jennifer — this is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 My holiday decor theme for my home office this year is "candyland Christmas" so I am extra inspired by your awesome photos. Love it!!!!!! Hope you have a beautiful season 🙂