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2017 Christmas Reveal! The Front Porch!

2017 Christmas Reveal! The Foyer!

December 7, 2017 Holidays, Home Decor

Welcome to Turtle Creek Lane’s

Winter Wonderland!!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town and we are READY!

It is always so fun creating a story with our decorations! I’m seeing Santa plopped down in the cozy chair we prepared for him, slipping off his snowy boots, having a sip of our secret eggnog, and munching on a cookie or two!! 🙂

The Santa Boots and the Santa portrait are both from The RoundTop Collection.

A funny side-note… DO NOT try to wear these boots!! My daughter’s friend put them on last night as a joke and it took us over an HOUR to get them off!! We tried silicone, WD40, and finally hot water!! 


If you are from Dallas, you HAVE to try Tart Bakery’s frosted sugar cookies!! I’m a bit of a cookie snob and these pass the test… not to mention, they are adorable!!!

Santa even has a few elves to help him unload the “HO HO HOughton” bag of presents!


I got this adorable Santa Bag , Santa ornaments, and the Santa Stop Here Sign from Swoozies! I love that they will customize!!



I always like to carry several of the ornaments from the tree and incorporate them into the banister! 

I found these SUPER-fun candy swirl picks at WalMart this year!! They were originally in a clear plastic wrapper. I thought the plastic looked a little cheap so I removed it and I think they look great!!

I also love the snowmen sitting in snow on the stairs! They light up of course, but in a camera they blew up so I had to turn them off … giggle!!

OK, how cute are these SNOWBALLS!!?

I always buy about 20 bags of artificial snow and cover the house in it for the Holidays! I don’t know if it is because I am originally from Utah and I have a need to see snow at Christmas or what, but I just love the added texture! But, this year, I added the snowballs!! 



For the Entry Table carried the Santa, as well as the snowball, theme over! I’m crazy about these Santa Bows from The RoundTop Collection! I think they still have a few left in stock if you are interested! Put in TCL20 at checkout and they will give you 20% off!




And finally… These absolutely adorable snowmen are from Katherine’s Collection!


UP NEXT on the 2017 Christmas Reveal is the Living Room

Here is a peek…

Hugs…. Jennifer