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A Little Bit of Magic for your Entryway

October 18, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor


Come on in!! I’m so happy you’re here!

There’s something fun about seeing the enchanted look my guests get when they walk into the entryway. It’s almost like I’ve pulled out my magic wand and struck them with a little bit of magic!

I knew Miss Itchy Witchy would be the perfect new addition to our home the second I saw her! She’s perched on her own throne as you enter as if to say, “Remove your hat, dismount your broom, and stay for a spell!”

Then…look up!

What could be more whimsical than identical “fun-sized” witches flying up the banister on their own brooms?! It seems as though Itchy Witchy has gone up up and away! 

Banisters are basically a blank slate for each holiday and are so fun (and easy!) to decorate!  I draped black netting across the banister (you can find it at most dollar stores), and then embellished it with some adorable candy garland. I then secured multiple witch brooms to the handrail, positioned a witch on each broom, tapped my magic wand three times…and wall-ah! We’re in flight!

Make sure you get enough materials to cover your entire banister, and not just the beginning. It makes such a difference when you carry the theme all the way up! 

 To light the witches way and add a little extra “spook” to your stairway, add a few candles! If you don’t want the hassle (and fire hazard) of lighting a dozen or so candles, I’ve found electric candles work great too! You can even set a timer on them so they go on and off at specified times in the evening.

There are so many fun ways to decorate your entryway! What kind of magic spells do you have up your sleeve?!










Hugs… Jennifer