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Turning a Little Girl’s Playhouse into a Big Girl’s Work Space

August 27, 2019 Home Decor

A few weeks ago, McKenna Kate came to me and told me she wanted to redecorate her playhouse that we currently have in our backyard. I’ll be honest…. when she first asked me, my initial reaction was, “No… you haven’t played out there in over a year!” I asked her to think about why she wanted to update it and to come back to me with a “pitch” of why and how it would be beneficial for both her and me! Steve and I always jump at the change to get our children to practice the art of negotiation… giggle 🙂

McKenna Kate put some hard thought into it and came back to me a few hours later. She let me know she wanted it to be her new work space for not only homework, but also a place where she could come up with new “business ideas.” She’s actually quite the little business woman and is always coming up with new things to sell through her Instagram or on our street corner; her latest passions are slime, handmade bracelets, and baked goods!

She promised me that she would ACTUALLY use it as a work space, so I agreed! Ironically enough, her timing was perfect! A day later I received an email informing me that Drew Barrymore just came out with a new children’s home decor line called Flower Kids at Walmart, and they wanted to partner with me to share the news! Before I accepted, I had McKenna Kate take a look at some of the pieces online to see if this was the “look” she wanted. Sure enough, she found plenty of pieces that she “had to have”… giggle!

We selected some adorable to pieces together, and placed our order! A win, win… beneficial for both of us!! I love it when things work out like that!!

First things first, I had Mickey go ahead and clean out the playhouse so we knew exactly what she wanted to keep and get rid of. I always think it’s easiest to work with a blank slate! She had two pink chairs she wanted to keep in the playhouse, so we chose our decorations around what would go with the cute chairs!

Here’s what it looked like empty! (P.s. I 100% have McKenna Kate to thank for these “before” photos! I completely forgot to take some and as I was putting this post together she let me know she had some! She took the photos because she wanted to post a “before and after” on her Instagram account! Giggle! There she goes again being that little entrepreneurial minded business girl! : )

The house has a small AC unit in it so she can hang out in it even during the hot Texas summers! It’s not the prettiest, so I definitely wanted to figure out a way to cover it up so it’s not an eye sore!

You can see it’s a relatively small space, so I brought in my measuring tape and made sure that everything we were ordering would fit perfectly in the space!

I absolutely love how it all turned out, and so does Mickey!!! Come take a look at McKenna Kate’s newly re-decorated playhouse!

Would you believe me if I told you I put this desk together in UNDER 1 hour?!? I felt pretty dang great about myself with this accomplishment ; ) Would you also believe me if I said I found it for under $100?! I definitely didn’t want to break the bank on something I wasn’t sure was going to be used a lot, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! It’s clean, simple, and the perfect size for the small space!

The pillow, elephant shelf and beautiful hanging art are all from Drew Barrymore’s new Flower Kid’s line at Walmart! I absolutely love the cheerfulness and color they bring into the space! It looks like McKenna Kate has a good eye!! ; ) The pieces she found look so cute in the playhouse, and of course they would also work perfectly in a little girl’s bedroom!

The pink chairs are older pieces we had in the playhouse before, but I found a similar set for you that’s under $100 and so cute!

I always think it’s SO important for kids to have a part in the spaces that are designed for them. McKenna Kate hand-picked everything that was put on her desk and her shelves…and of course she mainly chose to accessorise with some slime, squishies, stuffed animals and colorful pens. All of her favorite things : )

So what do you think?! I hope you love it as much as McKenna Kate and I do! She’s already so excited to get to work on all of her new business ideas in her new house! Giggle : )

I’ve linked everything we used in the playhouse for you to shop, as well as some more pieces that I absolutely adore from the new Flower Kid’s line at Walmart!

Hugs… Jennifer

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. Everything seen here was hand-selected by myself and McKenna Kate, and purchased by myself