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Transitioning a Summer Table to Fall

September 16, 2019 Home Decor, Party

While it may be starting to look like Fall throughout the rest of the country, here in Dallas it’s still in the mid 90’s….so I’m thinking we have a little time before Fall officially arrives! Sigh…. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let the weather stop me from decorating! Giggle : )

I love finding pieces that can transition between seasons, and I recently put together a table setting that is perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall! I absolutely love how it turned out and am so excited to share it with you!

My eye is always drawn to shades of light blues and greens whenever I’m out shopping. For me, these colors are nature’s way of calming us all down (think blue waters and green trees!) Cool colors are typically thought of in the Spring and Summer times, but I believe, done correctly, they can transition throughout each season!

I recently picked up these beautiful place settings at Walmart and was dying a little bit inside because they were so pretty….. and affordable! I am such a sucker for anything RUFFLED! I couldn’t help but grab them and take on as a personal challenge to create a beautiful Fall table setting with them!

The timing was actually perfect…. Steve had been out of town for a couple days and he sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to say he was missing home (sometimes I truly wonder how I got him!) and they ended up working fantastically as the most beautiful centerpiece for the table!!

When decorating a table, one of the easiest (and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful) ways to create a stunning tablescape is to create a focal point in the center and then build out. If you have one tall-ish (not so tall that you can’t see your family member across the table) focal point in the middle, you can then design everything else around it. For this tablescape, I used the floral arrangement as the focal point, and then sprinkled a mixture of pumpkins flowing out, almost creating a waterfall-like effect. The muted color of the pumpkins created a perfect transition between the floral arrangement and the table settings.

Under the floral and pumpkins, I place a muslin table runner. This worked seamlessly as it tied in the jute place mats and the natural “feel” provided by the flowers and pumpkins.

I think it turned out beautifully and completed my personal challenge to create a beautiful Fall tablescape using a slightly non-traditional color palette!

Everything from the table plates (similar here), to the salad plates, to the candy dish, glasses, pitcher, napkins and cake stand are all from Walmart! I love collecting affordable, quality place settings and re-using them throughout the seasons! I have a feeling you’ll see a completely styled version of these pieces come Springtime! : )

You can re-create this table setting for yourself!! I’ve linked everything you need below! : )

Thank you to Walmart, a brand I love and shop at regularly, for sponsoring this post. I hand-selected and purchased everything seen here myself, and with my own money