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The Silliest, Slimiest, Super Cute Halloween Tradition!

October 19, 2019 Events, Food, Holidays, Party

If you want to start any new tradition this year, THIS is the one to do!

Our family began this tradition almost 20 years ago and I can’t tell you how many families have adopted it! It is SOOO fun, for adults and kids alike!!


Here is how it works:

1. Write the name of each person attending dinner on a separate envelope (I like to let my kids decorate their envelope with cute Halloween stickers).

2. Write numbers 1-12 on a piece of paper for each person.I typically print them from my computer. If you’re a part of my Insider’s group, you can get free printables!!

3. Cut up the numbers so you have a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. through 12 for each person

4. Put a set of 1-12 numbers in each envelope

5. Put an envelope on each person’s plate

6. Make 9 Halloween-themed dinner items and place buffet-style on your counter or island (I have included several photos of my choices over the years)

7. Put enough knives for your group in a cute Halloween silverware holder (you can even use a Halloween cup)

8. Put enough forks for your group in a different cute Halloween silverware holder

9. Put enough spoons for our group in yet another cute Halloween silverware holder

10. Make place cards with the numbers 1-12 for your food and utensil items. If you’re a part of my Insider’s group, you can get free printables!!

11. Lay out all 9 food items plus the silverware and label them with the numbers, assigning each item to a number

12. Have everyone sit down at their assigned place setting

13. Course 1: Have everyone (without looking) choose three numbers out of their envelope

14. Take your plates and first three numbers to the set-up buffet area and get the corresponding items for the numbers you have picked

This is where the FUN begins!!

For this first course you can only get and use the items corresponding to the numbers you chose.

For example: you may get your spaghetti, your salad, and your fruit – but NO silverware! That means you have to eat with your hands! Or, you may get your knife, fork and spoon, but no food! Any crazy combination is possible!

15. Course 2: When everyone is finished with their first course, choose 3 more numbers and repeat. If you got any silverware in Course 1, you may use it throughout the rest of dinner

16. Course 3: Choose 3 more numbers and repeat

17. Course 4: Choose 3 more numbers and repeat

By the end, everyone will get all the items and have had a healthy meal; but it will be a meal full of tricks and treats!! 

I’ve posted quite a few photos below of the dinner-in-action over the years! Just don’t tell my kids…they might kill me. Giggle : )

Happy Sliming!!!


Hugs… Jennifer