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Our Traditional Halloween Dinner 2022

October 26, 2022 Home Decor

It’s that time of year again where the leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and pumpkin spice everything is back in stores!! It admittedly took a little longer this year in Texas, but whatever… Halloween is just around the corner!! And what better way is there to get into the spirit than by starting a new family tradition?

This year, why not try our favorite tradition: Our Silly, Slimy, Fun Halloween Dinner!

Here is how it works:

1. Write the name of each person attending dinner on a separate envelope (I let my kids decorate their envelope with cute Halloween stickers).

2. On a piece of paper, write numbers 1-12 for each person. I typically print them from my computer. 

3. Cut up the numbers so you have a set of 1-12 for each person in individual envelopes.

4. Put a set of 1-12 numbers in each envelope.

5. Put an envelope pm each person’s plate.

6. Set out a feast of 9 Halloween-themed dishes on your counter or island. (I’ve included several photos of my past choices below.)

7. Put enough knives, forks, and spoons for your group in 3 separate Halloween silverware holders (you can even use a Halloween cup).

8. Assign each food and utensil item a number from 1-12.

9. Have everyone sit down at their assigned place setting.

10. For the first course, have everyone choose three numbers out of their envelope without looking, then head over to the buffet area and collect their 3 items, and nothing else!!

This is where the fun begins! In this first course, you can only get and use the items corresponding to the numbers you choose. For example: You may get your spaghetti, salad, and fruit – but no silverware. That means you have to eat with your hands! Or, you may get your knife, fork and spoon – but no food!. Any crazy combination is possible!

11. Course 2: When everyone is finished with their first course, choose 3 more numbers and repeat. If you got any silverware in Course 1, you may use it throughout the rest of dinner

12. Course 3: Choose 3 more numbers and repeat

13. Course 4: Choose 3 more numbers and repeat

By the end, everyone will get all the items and have had an entire meal; but it will be a meal full of tricks and treats!! 

There are a ton a places where you can get inspiration for your festive food ideas! I personally love using Pinterest and searching terms like “Halloween treats” or “Halloween food”. Here is what we did this year!

When if comes to buying all the supplies, I have used Walmart grocery delivery for the last two years. It is so easy to order online and just have everything delivered to the house so you can spend all your time and focus on making the food, and even more importantly, making memories!

Walmart has a large organic selection, and very high quality private label brands. You can get high quality food for such an affordable price! This is great for your everyday needs, and especially for big group gatherings such as this one : )

You can use code TRIPLE10 at checkout and get $10 off your first Walmart pickup or delivery orders. $50 minimum, restrictions and fees apply

I hope you’ll give this new tradition a try! And, if you do, I’d love to see pictures! You can tag me on Instagram (@turtlecreeklane)! Happy Halloween!

Hugs… Jennifer

thank you to Walmart for partnering with me on this post