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Our Living Room Spring Refresh

May 28, 2020 Home Decor

One of my favorite ways to switch up a room each season is to swap out the rug! In this room, we’ve had candy cane stripes, white faux fur, and so much more!

For our Spring refresh this year I turned to for our new Living Room rug! I first found the amazing deals has when we decided to swap out the rug in our bedroom a couple of months ago! Switching out your rugs don’t have to be as expensive as some may think! The two rugs below are both 50% off right now and under $210 for a 8×10!

Isn’t it surprising to see that everything is the same in this room, except for the rugs?! It truly makes such a difference to a room! Which rug is your favorite for our Living Room Spring refresh?!

Thank you to for sponsoring today’s post. I hand selected each rug featured on my own