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Making St. Patrick’s Day Fun & Healthy For the Family!

March 11, 2020 Food, Holidays

Thank you to Kroger for sponsoring this post! It was so fun partnering with them to share a healthy, fun new tradition that you can do in your homes! <3

When our family began making changes in our diet and cutting out refined carbohydrates, holidays became a new game for me! Typically, on holidays, we would go all out with treats and goodies. Not only the day of, but the weeks leading up to it as well! Now, don’t get me wrong, we still believe in celebrating, having fun, and eating treats on holidays….but what about everything leading up to the actual day?!

Just because it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean you have to provide less-than-healthy treats for your children in order for them to get excited!

I decided to take a new challenge upon myself and make a healthy holiday spread that our children could be excited about! VOILÀ!!!

Oh my goodness, McKenna Kate’s reaction when she saw the table spread was PRICELESS! She thought it was SOOO COOL! And to be honest…so do I! Giggle : )

This all began as I was shopping at our Kroger up the road and became inspired by all of the GREEN produce I was seeing! A lightbulb lit up, and I thought it would be so fun to create a giant St. Patrick’s Day fruit and veggie platter. Not just a small one…but one that covered the entire table!

Kroger has such a great selection of fresh, organic produce! Their organic, Simple Truth products are affordable and they had everything I needed to create a happy and healthy St. Patrick’s Day spread!

How to Make a Green and Rainbow Veggie Platter, Perfect For St. Patrick’s Day

You can EASILY make this St. Patrick’s day fruit and veggie platter for your family too!

  1. Start with the rainbow. We thought it would be fun to make the rainbow entirely out of fruit, to stand out from the rest of the platter!
  2. Aren’t the cauliflower clouds TO DIE FOR?! And the pot of gold at the end is made from an avocado and yellow bell peppers cut into round circles!
  1. Head to your local Kroger and grab EVERY GREEN PIECE OF PRODUCE YOU SEE! Giggle : ) Ok maybe you don’t need EVERY green thing….but grab your family’s favorites and dip-able fruits and veggies!
  2. Speaking of dips…we went with the following:
    • Cilantro Ranch Dip – This is naturally green! I based the recipe off of this one and added some jalapeño, plus a little more salsa verde, garlic and sour cream! SO YUMMY!
    • Guacamole – Kroger has a delicious pre-made guacamole with zero preservatives!
    • Yogurt – We love dipping our fruit in plain greek yogurt! You can add some natural green coloring by zesting a little lime on top, or you can choose to add a drop of green food coloring if you’d like!
  3. When styling the green on the table, it’s best to do it in chunks. For example, place a lot of grapes in one area, and then style some cucumber around the grapes etc. Add some height and depth as you go along!
  4. Be creative! We added a little leprechaun hat and some clovers throughout the spread as well! Can you spot them?!

Last but not least…. HAVE FUN!!!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL St. Patrick’s day full of fun memories with your family! If you end up making this, I would love to see it! Share it on Instagram and tag @turtlecreeklane <3