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Live Swan Cam Will Show Birth of 7 Baby Cygnets!

April 28, 2017 Events, Home Decor

If you have never seen baby swans break from their eggs and take their first waddle, you have got to check out our


Meet June!

Meet Johnny!

Yes, our pet swans are named after Johnny Cash and June Carter! Let me explain :). I didn’t know this, but swans mate for LIFE! It is a really “through thick and thin” for them! When we moved into our home on Turtle Creek Lane there were two swans currently living on Turtle Creek! One was black and one was white! The Black one was named Beauty and the white one was named Handsome! Tragically, Beauty died. Handsome literally went into a depression! He wandered around the park “looking” but it was clear to all of us who had grown to love them that he was lost without her!

Handsome didn’t last much longer, and when we lost him, the pond behind our home was sad. We missed them! So, my husband and I decided to surprise our two youngest children and get them new swans for Easter!! It was not an easy process finding mated swans; but finally, after months of searching, they arrived on Delta Airlines from Florida the night before Easter 2013. When we were thinking of names, the typical love stories came to mind (Romeo and Juliet, Napoleon and Josephine), but my daughter Tiffany, who is a singer, made the final decision on Johnny and June!

Last year was the first year June laid eggs! We watched with anticipation (about 34 days gestation) for the cygnets to hatch! And Johnny sat on the eggs as much as June!

It was SO WONDERFUL to see the babies break their way out of their eggs! Two of the three that hatched lived!

We were DEVASTATED to learn one day both babies had been stolen!!!

What?? Who does that???

After doing some research, we learned swan-stealing is a legitimate problem!



We are so excited to announce June laid 7 eggs!! The Cygnets are due to arrive around May 8th! 

This year we have heightened security and installed cameras to help keep the babies safe!

Because it was so fun and educational last year to watch the cygnets hatch, we thought it would be a great idea to broadcast the births live for all to see!!! We can’t wait to share these special moments with all of you!

The Turtle Creek Lane LIVE Swan Cam is running 24/7 as well as on YouTube – turtlecreklane. And turn up your sound because you should also be able to HEAR the eggs crack as well as watch the babies emerge!

Be sure to click on the words that say LIVE  NOW! Have fun watching yourself or with your family!!

We are!!

You may even want to read Trumpet of the Swans by E. B. White to your kids! Mine LOVED the story as we read it together as a family last year while we were anxiously awaiting the births :)!!

Celebrate the small moments in life because you may look back and realize they weren’t so small after all!!

Hugs… Jennifer







  1. sheron egolf says:

    What do swans eat? And how do you feed them? I can’t believe someone had the nerve to steal those babies. I hope these new little ones will be safe. I can’t wait to see them.

  2. Jonnie England says:

    Thank you for posting this SwanCam! I heard about Johnny and June last spring, but was saddened to learn about the cynets’ fate. 🙁 Here’s hoping for 7 healthy, happy swans this year. Thank you!