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I’m In Blush Velvet Heaven!

February 23, 2017 Home Decor

As you know I am in the process of redoing my master bedroom and I am currently obsessed with Blush Velvet!

Velvet is such a hot trend right now and I definitely want to incorporate it into my master! The question is, can my husband handle blush velvet?? Giggle : )

I thought it would be super fun to walk through my design process together as I begin brainstorming a new project! I pull inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. Keep your eyes open and you will see what I mean! For example, just yesterday I pulled inspiration from a cake I saw on Pinterest to help design a new outdoor metal display piece!! I know the transition from cake to metal seems strange; but truly, keep your eyes open when you have a project and you may find the perfect inspiration in the most unconventional place :)! You see one thing that catches your eye and the wheels start turning!

Well…. I saw one blush velvet piece and I was hooked.

From there, I’ll literally start Googling away! I know I want to incorporate blush pink so what I’m really looking for is SHAPE. I screenshot my favorite images and create what I refer to as my “Inspiration Image Collage”. Check out all of the goodies I found!

(P.S you can click on each item (double tap on mobile) and see exactly where I found them!)

Aren’t they so fun!!??

I don’t usually accessorize until I have all my large pieces in place, but if in the process of looking for those large pieces I see something and fall in love I create a “possible accessory folder” and drop the screenshot in there!!

(Again, all the photo’s below are clickable and will show you exactly where to find them!)

I literally can’t stand it right now…. How fabulous is this room going to be!!?  Giggle : )

As a side note…..

I also just got a brand new bed and it is A.MAZ.ING. Believe it or not, I customized  the entire headboard, sideboards, and baseboard to be in cream fur!! I wish you could see it in person (and without those pillows)!

I’m obsessed!!

My master bedroom currently has Spa Blue walls (which I have loved because it is so relaxing) so I’m trying to decide if I should start over with a new paint color or if I should pull the blush pink, gold, cream and blue together with the accessories?


You can see the picture below for reference…but try to look past all of the Christmas decor! I haven’t taken a photo of it since Christmas… Giggle!

“Yes or no” on keeping the spa blue walls???

I hope walking through the first steps of my design process has made a few little wheels in your own mind start spinning! : )

Hugs… Jennifer

P.S. I’ve created a collage of all of my favorite picks below. You can just click on them (double tap on mobile) and it will show you exactly where I found them!


  1. Kari A Maddox says:

    No. Get rid of the blue walls and go creamy or another direction for all that beautiful blush and gold!

  2. Linda Plott Rubin says:

    I love all the blush. I tried double clicking on the rug but nothing happened. Where did you find the pink rug?