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Back to School Already?!

How We Are Getting Our Kids Ready for This Unpredictable School Year!

July 24, 2020 Home Decor

Since my last blog post sharing fun back to school outfits, we’ve thankfully learned a little bit more about what we can expect when going back to school this fall!

As of today (it seems like things change daily), Sam and McKenna Kate will be going back to school on a 9-week cycle. Every 9 weeks they can choose whether they want to go in-person, or virtually. Obviously this plan can change at any point, but for now, we’re going to treat it like any other school year and try to create stability and normalcy in their day-to-day life!

So, whether it is used for homework, or eventually their actual school space, we want to ensure they have a workspace to study at home that they can call their own!

Sam and McKenna Kate both have great desks built into their beds! Sam has a loft set-up (it’s custom-built), and McKenna Kate has a bunk bed that has a desk below, rather than an additional bed. I asked Sam if I could snap some photos of his room, but again…we’re working with a 13-year-old boy right now, so I may just have to try and sneak in and film some stories some other time….giggle : )

Although we’re still in the middle of decorating Mickey’s room, I thought I would show you what we’ve accomplished so far with her back-to-school set up! I let her explore Walmart (one of her favorite things to do) and pick out some fun clothes, items for her desk, and some other fun school supplies!

Mickey also REALLY wanted me to show you her Crocs, as well as the fun charms she collects! Apparently they’re actually called Jibbitz, and are the main reason why these shoes are “super cool” right now because they allow her to customize her shoes to her personality! If you’re a parent buying these charms for your kids, I learned you do not want the shoes to match! You want different charms in each shoe! Who knew?! Giggle : )

As we get closer to the school year I’ll continue to keep you updated with the back-to-school plans! In the meantime, I’m grateful we’ve been able to at least get back-to-school supplies and set up Sam and McKenna Kate’s workspaces set up, so they can feel calm and confident leading up to this crazy school year!

You can shop everything I’ve linked + other fun back to school finds from Walmart below!


This post is in partnership with Walmart. All items were hand-picked by my children!