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How to Easily Decorate your Thanksgiving Table

November 2, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

Let’s face it, next to the food; Thanksgiving is all about THE TABLE! I personally love to incorporate as much of the outdoors as possible into my décor, such as leaves, pumpkins, gourds and acorns! Don’t worry, creating the perfect table display is not nearly as intimidating as it seems!

Let’s do it together!


Glass Jars

I have been asked several times what my favorite, “couldn’t-live-without”, decorating accessory is. Hands down I reply every time with, GLASS JARS! I have collected dozens of them over the years and I use them not only for every season, but every day!!

They can be a little pricey sometimes…but I searched all over for you and found that Saks of Fifth have them for only $24.99 here!!! YAY!! 

Check out a few more of my favorites below!

Begin by placing your jars in the center of the table. Make sure you have a variety of heights, with the tallest in the middle.

Now let’s fill them!

If you don’t want to run all over town trying to find the “awesome fall stuff” to put in the jars, you can find a few of my favorites here and here.

Be sure to get some fillers that are small in scale (acorns for example) and some that are larger in scale (pumpkins and gourds for example). This creates variety in the display, and makes the whole “look” more interesting! 

Table Foilage 

Next, line the center of the table with several different Autumn garlands! I intertwine them in order to look like they’ve just been raked up from  different trees outside! Be sure to get some garlands that are wired, as these will create the height you need for the display to look full. Next add sprays of berries, acorns, small pumpkins, and gourds to fill in any holes. Finish it off with miniature dried Indian corn in various places.

Place Setting

I have a total plate obsession and literally own hundreds of different plates!

 I find it makes life easier if I purchase a neutral dinner plate that can be used for many different occasions, and then have fun with the salad plates and soup tureensI love the new pumpkin salad plates I got at Williams Sonoma this year!  Unfortunately they are sold out, but here are some similar ones!

Another little trick I like to do is set my table at the beginning of the season and reset it every time we use it.  That way the dining room always looks ready!! My guests always comment on how put-together my tables look…but the secret is that I just never take it down! Giggle : )  

See how easy it is?! I’d love to help, so be sure to comment or email me if you have any questions!








Hugs…. Jennifer