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Holiday Fun For Less

December 19, 2022 Home Decor

Right before we headed to India, we had a chance to have a little bit of FUN!

I’m sure a lot of you saw, this, but when we arrived home from Disney, I went outside to find my ENTIRE front porch completely wrapped in wrapping paper! Haha! Apparently it is a tradition in Diana’s family to wrap an entire room……so our back porch became the target this year! I walked outside and couldn’t stop laughing, it was SO funny! And then, when she got home, HER family had done the same thing to her bedroom! I think this may have to become a new tradition in our family!!

A few days later, Tiffany, Kimmy, Stevie Kate and I decided to have a little gingerbread house compeition! We set a 10 minute timer (because that’s about as long as we thought Stevie Kate would last 😉 ) and had at it! It was such a fun way to create a holiday memory with little stress and work!

For all of the wrapping paper, as well as the gingerbread houses, we got all of our supplies at Walmart! They’re the perfect destination to get holiday ready for less! Especially if you’re looking to buy 20+ rolls of cute wrapping paper at an affordable price haha!

In case you’re looking to do any of these fun, family activities yourself, I’ll link the supplies below!


Thank you to Walmart for partnering with me on this post