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The First Christmas Gift! Living Room Decor!

December 11, 2017 Events, Holidays, Home Decor, Party

I Love This Room!

As much as I love all the whimsical decorations at Christmas, in the Houghton home, Christ is our center and it is Him we honor this holiday season. The living room is the perfect spot to show our reverence and our gratitude for the First Christmas Gift.



I chose the colors thoughtfully for this room because I wanted to tie in as many symbols of Christ’s Birth and life as I could. The tree and the gifts are gold to represent the gift given to the Christ child, the current rug is replaced with a white one to symbolize Christ’s purity,  the deep burgundy is used to show the ultimate purpose of Christ’s life, His infinite atonement, and finally, the pink butterflies, flowers, and ornaments represent New Life… symbols of Christ’s Resurrection.     






I purchased this Nativity years and years ago when I had no budget at all to spend on Christmas decorations. I wanted to teach my young children about the true meaning of Christmas. I will never replace it! I know there are more beautiful ones available now; but for our family, THIS is our Nativity.


The mantel is purposely simple but has the most glorious ribbon I could find. The ribbon is assembled into large roses to emphasize, once again, the theme of new life or the Resurrection.




 I chose to display another family keepsake on the side table, next to my favorite chair. I “made” (glazed — back when crackle paint was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, and framed) this photo of Christ over 20 years ago. It typically hangs in my husband’s office, but I moved it to the Living Room for Christmas where we can all see it every day.


This fabulous lamp was made by neighbor, Lauren Renfow, at Times Two Design. She does the most beautiful pieces!

As adults, I believe the most important thing we can do for either our children, or any child in our sphere of influence, is to instill in them a knowledge of who and whose they are, to help them understand that their lives have meaning and purpose, and that they are infinitely loved. Whether you are a Christian or not, my hope is that this holiday season will be one filled with peace and joy for you and for those you love. 

Tour my Christmas home in the video below!


Hugs… Jennifer