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Fall’s Finishing Touches

November 7, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

I woke up this morning and saw that basically every other person on the planet was posting about Christmas already! I was a little sad at first….how can you just skip over Thanksgiving?! But then I sat in bed, envisioning my Candy Land Christmas ( I can’t wait to show you!!) and I remember that there really is something so magical about the Christmas season… so I might have to jump on the bandwagon soon, but not today!

I want to show just a few of the last little details I have up around the house that scream FALL! These are some of my favorites, so I just couldn’t let them get packed away without receiving a little attention!!

As you’ve seen in my past posts, I’m all about large statement pieces like my adorable Scarecrow Family, and Miss Itchy Witchy  but I also LOVE those little details that make you smile every time you glance their way.

I love it when I have friends over and they notice a decoration they hadn’t noticed before. It keeps the season magical!

My little Tree Trunks are just too cute for words, but when I filled one of them with candy and added the little mouse stealing a piece, a STORY was created!  I have to admit; THIS IS MY FAVORITE DECORATION THIS FALL! I literally smile every time I see that cute mouse in the candy bowl!!

 And…… stop it right now! How cute are these CROW glasses? When paired with the Scarecrow Punchbowl, the whole ensemble is perfect for any Fall or Thanksgiving party!

Little details like these are what make our homes go from looking like they are “showroom- decorated” to “home-decorated”!









Hugs…. Jennifer