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Easter Family and Living Rooms!

April 9, 2019 Holidays, Home Decor

The Family Room

Easter living room by interior decorator Turtle Creek Lane

Our family loves this room and because I designed it with no walls dividing it from the kitchen/breakfast area, it is where we spend most of our time! The paisley chairs are an invention because I could not find any on the market that provided the look and versatility I wanted! They spin 360 degrees around because our TV is hidden in a wall unit on the adjacent wall.

The TV you see above the mantle is reserved for the over 200,000 family photos that are on a continuous loop. It is so fun to see photos from 20 years ago show up!!

PS. this is everyone’s FAVORITE rug, and you can grab it HERE!

Easter carrot decor on mantle by interior decorator Turtle Creek Lane

I think this mantle turned out so fun this year!! If you read my Easter tablescape blog post from last week, I did carrots on the kitchen table/breakfast area so repeating them in the family room gives the whole space a congruent look! (Plus, maybe at some level, it is encouraging my kids to eat their carrots! 🙂

Easter home decor by interior decorator Turtle Creek Lane

On the coffee table, I always try to put items that are “kid-friendly.” My kids are old enough now that they don’t break things, but I always love it when little hands come to visit, and I never want to tell them, “No, you can’t touch that,” when it looks so inviting!

Easter and spring decor by Turtle Creek Lane, gum ball machine decor

And of course, I always have to have a few goodies for anyone who stops by!! I painted this gumball machine years ago… it used to be green and red! I replaced the gumballs with jellybeans! They are bubblegum flavored… yummm!

Cute Easter decor on computer desk by Turtle Creek Lane home decor blog

How sweeeeet is this desk area? It tells such a cute story! The baby chicks are on a stroll down the riverbed but WAIT, how are they going to get down!! The lead chickadee is glancing down to see if he can figure it out!! (I found some cute ducks on sale HERE.)

The Living Room

Turtle Creek Lane family room Easter decor

Whenever I look into this room I EXHALE!! It has such a calming effect! I love the cream walls with the simple gold trim!
Less is more when it comes adding Easter decor to this room.

Interior decorator, Turtle Creek Lane give a look inside her home to show her mantle decor for Easter

The mantle is dressed with cherry blossoms, pink roses, Easter eggs and gold bunnies… Oh, and a few butterflies to remind me of my daughter, Tiffany, because she loves them so much and now SHE IS MARRIED, and gone, and I miss her so much!

Home decor blog, Turtle Creek Lane give a look inside her home to show her mantle decor for Easter with eggs and butterflies
Turtle Creek Lane home decor blog Easter family room, Easter bunny figurines

To go with the “music room” feel (the piano), I just had to add these ADORABLE musical bunnies!! They make me smile!
Remember whenever you are decorating a room it is always best to consider FIRST what you want the room to SAY when it is finished. In other words, BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND! Is the look “relaxed,” “formal,” “fun”, “beautiful”…., or a combination of several adjectives? Make the space “YOU,” and you will always enjoy being there!

Interior decorator, Turtle Creek Lane give a look inside her home to show her holiday decor for Easter

I wish you a very Happy Easter!!
I hope we can all take some time to consider the wonders of spring and the promises of Easter. May we consider areas of “new-growth” in our lives! It is such a joyous time of year!!
Hugs to you… Jennifer

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wow! Everything is so beautiful, I love the colors, so pretty!

  2. We absolutely love the way you style and dress the family room Jennifer. The pink blanket over the sofa is a touch of Spring genius! Milly & Paul x