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Creating the Ultimate Hang Out Space for Sam

October 28, 2020 Home Decor

Once your children start entering their teen years, it’s time to do a little refresh to their rooms! Sam has a really cool loft bed with an area underneath that we’ve never really done much with. We thought it was about time to capitalize on this space, so we turned it into the ultimate “guy hangout space” for Sam!

Since the space is small, we only had to grab a few things to give it a total refresh! My favorite items we purchased were these cool flip chairs. They come in LOTS of colors (for both boys and girls), and can convert into sleeping mats for sleepovers! Talk about a great bang for your buck!

We also grabbed a new rug, a nightstand and a lamp (only $16 and it has a usb port for charging!)

Sam also has this mini air hockey table that he decided to put under here as his “finishing touch”

Overall, it looks like the boys in our family are really seeming to enjoy the space…don’t you think?!

Everything we snagged to refresh the space is from Walmart! I love searching there first when I’m looking for quality, and affordable finds. Especially when it comes to decorating my kid’s rooms, when I know they like to change things up a lot!

I’ve linked everything we used for you below, as well as some other fun items to spruce up a kid’s space!

Hugs… Jennifer

Thank you to Walmart for partnering with me in this post. All products were hand selected and purchased by myself!