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A Fun and Easy Fall Carnival for You and Your Family!

September 10, 2020 Events, Holidays, Home Decor

Thank you to Lowes Home Improvement for sponsoring this post

This Fall’s traditional activities may look a little different than others, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! As you know, spending time as a family is a top priority for us. So much of what I do revolves around a desire to create a happy, fun, and loving home, where we all feel joy. Making time to create deliberate family activities and traditions is something that is extremely important to Steve and me, and the holiday seasons are the perfect time to put effort into creating these memories!

We love going to pumpkin patches, carnivals, and fun fairs around our community during the Fall season. However, realizing that this year most activities will be canceled, we wanted to make sure those memories are still made! In an effort to do this for our family, and hoping to share ideas you can do with your family, we decided to create a little Fall Carnival at home! It was SO much fun, and SO easy to put together (which is always a plus)!

For our Fall Carnival activities, we decided to have a Pie Eating Contest, Bobbing for Apples (in a Covid-friendly fashion), a Pumpkin Bowling Alley, and a festive Fall Photo Backdrop!

For the set-up, I went to Lowes and grabbed hay bales, mums, paper towels, pillows, blankets, and buckets (for the apple bobbing!)

We created a fun little “Entrance” to the carnival using some cute Fall signs, a bale of hay, a mum plant, and a festive leaf garland. And for that extra touch, to make it feel really “Fall”, we even sprinkled real dried colorful leaves on the ground!

Hay is a staple I use in my Fall and Halloween decor each year, so I’ll be re-purposing the hay bales in my home decorations as well! Lowe’s hay bales are really affordable, and create the ambiance of Fall in any space!

To create the bowling lane I used approximately 24 bales of hay. If you have small children, however, you can easily cut that amount in half! With Steve, Sam and Adam bowling though, I wanted to make it nice and long and give them a challenge ; )

We used a small pumpkin as the bowling ball (you can use real or fake), and McKenna Kate and I had fun turning paper towel rolls into the bowling pins! This was so easy, as all we had to do was draw some fun little faces on them! (We did 3 boy and 3 girl faces- the girls had long eyelashes :)!) You can also eave them white and draw ghost faces, or you can paint them orange and turn them into jack-o-lanterns! Have fun with this!! Let the family get involved!

We also used the hay bales to create a little love seat area to relax and take cute photos! I used approximately 10 bales to put this area together. Make sure you put some cute pillows and a cozy blanket on top to finish the look and make it comfortable to sit on!

Next, we grabbed a fold-up table to create the space for the pie eating contest and apple bobbing! (Actually, I first thought to set up the apple bobbing on the end of the bowling lane….but as you can see from the photos below…that idea didn’t quite work out) Giggle : )

Creating the festive Fall table for the pie-eating contest was so easy! I simply covered the table with a fun, red and white checkered table cloth, and then accessorized! I added a hay bale to create some height for the adorable pie sign, placed a cute red old-fashioned pumpkin truck on the table, and filled a fun Fall crate with pumpkins, mums, and a pie pillow which reads “Leftovers are for Quitters!” 🙂

Since our family eats no-refined-carbs, we made our own pies! You can make your life a lot easier though and buy a few pies at the store if you want…. Giggle ; )

Now that all of the carnival stations are set up, it’s time to have fun! Invite your family outside to play! Start with one station, and take turns participating in the events! You will have a blast!!!

I love that everything I used here can be re-purposed in my Fall and Halloween decor! You can easily, and affordably, turn your home into the ultimate Fall destination by creating a fun, Fall Carnival of your own! Choose one, or all of the stations and create fun, family memories that will last a lifetime!

We had so much fun partnering with Lowes to put this fun, Fall

Carnival together! I hope you choose to do the same, and if you do, be sure to tag #LowesGoals in your posts to share the fun!

Shop everything we used to put together our Fall Carnival below, as well as some other fun, Fall finds!