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5 Date Night Ideas You Can Do While Social Distancing This Summer

June 22, 2020

I absolutely love home decor. If you look simply look through my Instagram, you can definitely tell it’s a huge passion of mine… giggle ; ) Another huge passion of mine is fostering strong relationships with my husband, and my children. I believe that through decor, traditions, and planning deliberate activities we can strengthen our homes and our families.

Steve and I are strong believers in having a weekly date night! Back when we were first married and living extremely frugally I remember that going to the dollar theater was our big splurge! giggle : ) No matter your budget, I strongly encourage you to do weekly date nights with your significant other.

Date nights have changed a bit the past few months as we are all required to practice social distancing. That doesn’t mean you can’t still go on dates though! Below, I’ve listed out 5 fun date night ideas that you can do this summer!

  • Go on a walk or a bike ride
    • Steve and I love going on bike rides together! They can be anything from a couple miles around town, to 20+ mile excursions around the lake near us.
  • Have a themed movie night
    • Pick a movie out ahead of time and make food and/or dessert to go with the theme! For example, if you watch Sweet Home Alabama, you can make your favorite southern dish together. If you watch The Little Mermaid or a movie from the Ocean’s franchise you can make sea food!
  • Watch a movie under the stars
    • We have an outdoor projector that we recently set up and watched The Greatest Showman as a family. It was so easy to set up, and was SO much fun! We got our projector a couple years ago, but here are a couple options that look like they would work just as great!

  • Go on a drive
    • It may sound simple, but some of my favorite date nights with Steve are when we hop in his car and drive. We talk about anything and everything, and some of our best talks happen here. You can also pick up a treat via drive through while you’re out!
  • Go on a picnic!
    • We have a park behind our home that we love going on walks around, and the other day we decided to walk to the park and have a picnic!

I found this portable Cuisinart grill at Walmart and decided to snatch it up. Grilling in your back yard is fun, but for some reason switching up locations makes it a whole new experience! This grill is SO portable we were able to easily take it on our walk with us to the park! (See photo below).

I also found this adorable picnic basket that comes with everything you need for your picnic! It comes with serving sets of 4, including plates, glasses, silverware and even a matching waterproof picnic blanket!

I love that it comes with a set of 4, because we will definitely be bringing our children along with us next time. It was so fun!

Tap the photo below to shop the exact grill and picnic basket we have!

I’ve also rounded up a few other options from Walmart, since it looks like our picnic basket is running low on stock! They have an entire section dedicated to outdoor activities and projects to help you enjoy your time outside this summer : )

You can shop everything I linked in this post (including this cute $12 summer dress) below!

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. I hand selected and purchased items on my own, with my own money