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The Launch of Tuesday’s Treasures!

January 31, 2017 Holidays, Home Decor, Tuesday's Treasures

I am so excited to introduce Tuesday’s Treasures!

I have loved visiting with so many of you who comment on the posts!

Without fail though, you ask where you can get the same items for your homes. It frustrates me when I can’t tell you exactly where to get them retail because I buy most everything wholesale at the Dallas World Trade Center, which is only available to resellers.

So, I had a great idea!!

I can order anything I want from the trade center for you, if I am your Interior Designer!

So, I talked to my back-end people and told them I wanted to create a store where, as your designer, I could pass on my fabulous finds to you! 


Tuesday’s Treasures will highlight one (or maybe several at some point) of my favorite finds and for 24 HOURS you can order that item as if you were me!! 

A Flash Sale!!

I’m setting up pricing so I just cover the wholesale cost of the item and the shipping. It will need to come to me first, however, and then I will send it on to you!!

All you do is order the item from the Tuesday’s Treasure post within the 24- hour timeframe (it begins at midnight Monday night and goes through midnight Tuesday!) and I will take care of the rest!  Simple and easy!

My husband thinks I am crazy to set it up this way but I told him that I have so much fun getting a deal and I want to share that fun with you! I really hope this works the way I am thinking because there are literally thousands of Home Interior Manufacturing Lines we can highlight and I can get us killer pricing!!

There are NO CATCHES HERE! It is exactly as I’m saying!! Wow! I’m nice :)))!

You can shop the first Tuesday’s Treasure by clicking “add to cart” below!



Happy Shopping!!

Hugs, Jennifer




  1. This is indeed Fabulous. What a great shop idea! I would love for you to come over and link at The Fabulous
    Party. My party goes on all month with a theme so it’s a perfect place to link up! Come over here:
    Congratulations on your new adventure!

  2. Pat says:

    Does your Tuesday treasures start on the first Tuesday of the month. How do we get notified? You are such a fabulous designer and have a very special heart. Thank you for sharing Pat